★★★[Parkour] Around the Hills[3500+ Dl's] Ver. 1.0[Collectables]★★★

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    Around the hills

    90% chance of ragequitting
    Hardest parkour there is
    The first jump is possible

    Please leave a commment/post

    Hello Everyone!
    In this Parkour Puzzle map it's almost all about getting higher. Timed Piston events, ladder jumping between great heights, everything can and will make you get heigher and further across the map. Use Water, Pistons, Ladders, Doors, Trapdoors, Stairs, Bookcases and more to reach new heights and conquer the Hills and Houses, Around the Hills of Minecraft.

    Map Reviews/Feedback:

    Long Review:
    A hardcore jumping map; this map challenges you with the most seemingly impossible jumps ever created. The sheer difficulty of this map could make you pull all your hair out or have you sitting in front of the screen for hours, trying to complete the first few jumps. And now, here's what we've got to say :


    1. The puzzles. The puzzles. The puzzles. We can't get enough of them! They're absolutely perfect. It's so diffuclt, it's good!
    2. The overall design of the map - It contains a load of different elements used for effectively for some excellent gameplay.



    1. One con only : You're almost destined to rage quit (although we certainly didn't! :SSSS: ) This map is strictly for experienced jumpers only!

    All in all, this map serves up a great deal of challenges for one who really wants to know what jumping is. It pushes you beyond the limits of what you thought was possible and makes you wonder what else is achievable. We gave this map a 9.5/10! :biggrin.gif:

    Long Review:
    This is today's third review, for a map called Around The Hills:

    Around The Hills by Symphonym

    This map is just genius. Purely genius. I have no idea how to say this but... one of my favourite maps turned out to be a fully-parkour map. That, to me, is hilarious because I hate parkour, and yet I LOVED this map. Nothing felt forced or out of place, nothing was just thrown in to be cool, and everything fit very nicely. What's even more is that I got a sneak peak into the V 0.8, and boy does it add a lot. This map was already amazing, but with this new addition, you parkour fans (and non parkour fans as well, like me) will be in heaven. I won't spoil too much, just because I want the amazing Symphonym to deliver everything to you himself, but just a heads up that if you thought it was good in 0.7, you haven't seen anything yet.

    The length was a little bit of a negative factor in this. It was one of the only things that didn't affect the map positively. It is just too long for a parkour map. I haven't played that many, so I can't speak for all players, but I don't think that 1 hour and 45 minutes can satisfy everyone. Plus, with the 0.8 addition the gameplay is also extended past that, so again there's a bit of a problem. Luckily, a bunch of interesting piston jumping areas and challenges that don't seem forced at all compensate greatly for the length because they keep you hooked on what you're doing present, not how long its taken you to get there. Also, you do end up taking time to admire the architecture. While its not the best, it certainly is still worth the time to acknowledge.

    This map has got to be one of the hardest, most ragequit-inducing maps I've ever played. So difficult! You have to get a firm knowledge of how to do parkour, the controls and the use of SHIFT, and more. Luckily, there is a really, really helpful training area near the beginning which teaches you all the basics. Apparently, more tutorials are to come, so I eagerly await them. I still very much do need training in parkour. Unfortunately, when the Sprint feature comes out in 1.8, I don't know what will happen to all these parkour maps. Getting back on track, there is also a great feature added in V 0.8 which allows you to take 2 different paths multiple times - Easy or Hard. I loved this feature and couldn't resist telling you all about this. There are also many "Help Switches" which offer jumping assistance to noobs like me in this area. All these add up to make the difficulty perfect for every single player of this map.

    Okay, I should probably be giving this a higher rating because it is a parkour map and obviously it is like finding a needle in a haystack, finding a parkour map with a story. Still, I felt like this needed a story. There is so much going on and too much architecture for this to be completely random. In a future update, please add a little bit of a story and you'll watch this iron pair of pantsshoot up like a rocket into diamond pants. Please understand that I'm trying to be helpful here, not trying to be mean. The iron pants are only a sign that there is an aspect to improve.

    Let me get this straight. This is a parkour map, a genre of maps which JUST have parkour, right? So why does it get diamond? Because it was FREAKING genius when it came to the parkour puzzles it had. They ranged all over the place, from Ice Jumping to something I haven't seen before: jumping out of water! Nothing was underused or overused, everything just worked fine. One thing I am very glad about, though: because the map is so long, starting from the beginning would be a pain in the butt. So none of the challenges are capable of killing you. I am so glad that there was no lava jumping in this! That gets old SO quickly! While it is fun the first few times you do it, it is boring every other time. Every element of jumping was here except for lava jumping (thank the heavens for that), from working hatches up and down to opening and closed doors below you. Another thing that was an added bonus was that pistons were VERY WELL used in this. I can't tell you how much I appreciate their efficiency.

    What's even better is that, despite being a parkour map, Symphonym still managed to work in a maze at one point, and even the design of THAT was new!

    A great atmosphere is sadly lacking. While the thrill of being very high up in the air is nice, you are only jumping here to there and there is no real sense of danger. I know this is kind of creating a problem for something I've already solved (I already said I was glad you couldn't die unless you were completely stupid), but its worth pointing out. Also, in any parkour map, jumping doesn't add up to much here. You have fun, for sure, but aside from that, the atmosphere doesn't add much or even have much at all.

    At the end of the day (figuratively), this map is exceptionally well made. Every challenge is well thoughtout, possible, and fun. Bonus features and other content add a lot as well. New elements are also seen here. Even a maze, which didn't need to be implemented, was. Congrads, Symphonym. You just made the first and probably the only parkour map that will ever be in my soon-to-come Wall Of Fame!

    Overall, this is the armor set:
    :Gaxe: :IPA: :Dboots: :IPANTS: :DA: :GH:
    Symphonym has fully expedited this map's potential! /StreamofAdventure

    Long Review:

    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :GoldBar: :Iron:
    My God, I have never played a better parkour map in my life. This is truly a great map, it takes the best of all parkour maps and mushes it together. Most people hate parkour but it's hard to go wrong with this map.
    Most of the time I don't review parkour maps, because they can get very tedious, so these reviews of Parkour maps will have different criteria and are likley to be judged more harshly. Onto the review ->

    When downloading the map the first thing I realise is that there is a scoring system, thats new for Parkour maps, well atleast the ones I play. The map is also very huge and is expected to be over 1 hr and 30 min. Well it better be good for me to play it that long, and not all parkour maps are.

    To start it wasn't great, I spawned with loads of stuff in my inventory and sufficating due to being inside a block. I let myself die to see if I can get to the proper start. I don't think it worked. I spawned in some random snow biome. So I had to walk around to find what I thought was the beggining. Then I spotted poles, and thought, hang on maybe I follow those - maybe it's intentional. This long walk if intentional is definetly not needed. Eventually I get to what I think is a proper start.

    First up is some training, nothing great, nothing new learnt. The map also was great in that it gave you choices, it allowed you to skip little parts, take an easy way or do the hard way. It takes away some of the stress and in my experiance kept me playing longer. The map also didn't dwell on the same old jumps and it offered areas of respite where you took a break from the annoying jumps.

    Also most parkour maps don't do this but this map didn't a great job of mixing the jumps and levels into the natural environment. It didn't look dodgy, most of the time, and has a nice open world feeling to it. It sort of reminded me of Fancy Pants. The difficulty was also great - I always took the hard way and it wasn't teeth grindingly frustrating it was just a good level. However I can imagine for a non-experiance player the levels can be very frustrating. YOu need a good understanding of the use of SHIFT key, but you can learn that at the start. Also all the noob levers are a great option to have.

    In the end I found though the length of the map wasn't suiting. It just felt a bit too long for a PArkour map. It's not the greatest things in the world so it can be hard to stick through to the end. However there are many moments when you actaully get absorbed and enjoy youself- you want to finish, IKR?

    The range of jumps and courses in this map was outstanding though. It ranged from ince jumping, to ladders, to trapdoors, to water jumps! I think almost every aspect of jumping has been used in this map which is great, but in the end tideous. The best thing is there was no lava jumping. Brilliant - lava gets old so quickly.

    This parkour map has truly exeeded expectations and it's one of the best I've ever played. It's going to do great against the Parkour Criteria!

    :Iron: for Extra: There was not alot of amazingly new jumps in the map but as Parkour maps are it isn't anything amzingly new.
    :Diamond: for Challenges: There is so much variety in this map and almost every jumping elemen is implemented. Nothing is left out!
    :GoldBar: for Atmosphere/Elements: Although the heights can be terrifying and the surroundings are nice it still could be improved. Although I think the natural world atmosphere suits this map well. Also this map had some great elements that kept you addicted and playing longer.
    :Diamond: for Difficulty: This map had a perfect balance. It had great training areas and contsantly had the option for you to choose the difficulty, and in the hardest of times there was always a lever to help you skip to the next bit. This is what alot of Parkour maps are missing.
    :GoldBar: for Grammer: There was no signs of any errors anywhere.
    :GoldBar: for Possibility: Everyjump was possible and there are no bugs which stopped you from being able to complete the map.

    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :GoldBar: :Iron: 3.75/5: for a Parkour Map this is absoluley amazing. It is definetly one of the best parkour maps out there. /Wileynator

    Alright, I finished the map preview and it has been posted on the other thread. As for what I thought of your map, well. My computer prevents me from really playing any kind of intense parkour map, so I went around most of the obstacles. However, I can tell you put a ton of work into this, and a good bit of thought as well. The puzzles were original, and not a bunch of repeating the same jump over and over. In my eyes, a job well done. /Nantang

    This is me re,memember from the let me play your map and i'l review it ? well here is the review: Your map had everything...it was long...fun to play and it had lots of interesting things for exampel I love hw yo ufind the facility for training and then I also loved the trapdoor puzzle + the ice jumps...It was amazing It had everything ! Keep it going ! ( Mayeb make a texture pack especially for it + music for it would be a 15/10 !) /DucuMiner

    Awesome map! Insanely difficult but amazing nonetheless! =D /xPixelAlien

    "90% chance of ragequitting"I agree, good use for pistons and trap doors, nice design, hard. Only problem is that you have to follow the wood pillars to the starting point
    but that isn't that big of a problem. Score:9.9/10,because I thought It was really hard,but some people like it hard *Insert Sex Joke Here* /CyberDemonWolf

    Ok i just played a part of your custom map and i can tell you your map deserves good popularity. i like how your traps were original and well-made, and your buildings took alot of work. Good job. /PHaxxor

    Map Info:
    Name: Around the Hills
    Creator: Symphonym
    Category: Mostly Parkour, but some Puzzle/Thinking parts.
    Playtime: Really depends on the player, but say between2 and 3 hours.
    Other Info: I'm adding more bonus content every now and then, more hidden stuff that is.

    Brag Stuff:
    - The map is completely hand made, well, the world is random generated. The only "cheat" i've used is the default /give commands. I haven't used any map editing program or such.
    - On many places you will probably think, "This is impossible, probably just a glitch, i'll skip this part".I've been testing every part of the map several times, and everything is possible, just if you're doing it right.
    - I've created a big wall, and it's supposed to be pretty much impossible to climb, just so the "pro" players will have something to do :smile.gif:

    3 Pumpkin heads are hidden

    in 3 chests in the City of Gold.

    Who will find them first?

    The GOLD & IRON Block System
    Around the map there are chests placed, that can contain either Gold Blocks or Iron Blocks. The chests can be inside the Buildings that's placed all over the map, or near the "Main parkour path". If you see a house on the other side of the fence, you have to make your way there by the "Main parkour path" before you can check the houses, and not climb the fences. You are allowed to climb fences that work as decoration near the houses.
    Gold Blocks = 10 points
    Iron Blocks = 2 points.


    • Do NOT break any blocks.
    • Do NOT place any blocks.
    • No Mods/Cheats or whatever.
    • It IS possible to do without sprinting..so to challenge yourself, try to keep sprinting to a minimum :smile.gif:
    • Play on Peaceful, you need health regen.
    • If you find anything on the ground, like a pickaxe. Don't use it, as i haven't use any fly cheats or so.. i've died maaany times, and that's the remains.
    • If you find a lever in a chest or similar, you are allowed to place it, but only within the area where you found it.
    • Ragequitting is allowed.
    • Wool blocks shows the way.
    • Redstone torches shows checkpoints.
    • Don't climb fences, they often seperate 2 checkpoint zones.
    • If you die, which is possible, try to find your way back to where you was, climbing fences is at this point allowed.
    • The spawnpoint is abit away, but just follow the wooden poles with torches on to find the start.

     - Version 0.1  First Version
     - Version 0.2 Fixed a missing ladder, some polishing, helpfull signs, started building more(not done)
     - Version 0.3 Finished "The Wall", more content, more torches, some polishing.
     - Version 0.4 Implemented The Gold & Iron Blocks System, made the water under the water part alot deeper, skip button on first jump, Bonus houses around the map containing parkour challanges and apples
     - Version 0.5 Added more Gold & Iron Blocks, finished the two big towers, built more houses with apples, built a well, build more content at the "main parkour path", built a minecart rail, added stones on everything to make their roof look stylish. And some other stuff.
     - Version 0.6 Added more Iron & Gold Blocks, More houses(With redstone circuits :ohmy.gif:), Skip lever at the first piston event. Added more content at the "Main Parkour Path", some bugfixes etc.
     - Version 0.7 Added more Iron(Around 15 more) & Gold(4 more) Blocks, added tons of alternate routes, easy alternatives when it gets too hard, added skip levers at some challenges, or help levers. 
     - Version 1.0 Added "City of Gold" , Added more Iron(Around 60 more) & Gold(Around 15 more) Blocks. Added 3 Pumpkin heads hidden in chests ultra rare and hidden. Bug fixes n loads of stuff. Biggest update.

    If you'd like to help me by giving my map publicity, then please copy this into your signature.


    Please Report any bugs that you find

    - Current Version(.Rar file): Version 1.0 (Skip-Ad button up the top right corner)
    - Current Version(.Zip file): Version 1.0 (Skip-Ad button up the top right corner)

    How to install:
    1) Download the Map from one of the links above.
    2) Put the .zip/.rar file on your desktop (or somewhere where you can easily find it again.)
    3) Press Start, and type in %appdata%. Click into Roaming. *XP - Press Start, Run, then %appdata%. Click into Roaming.
    4) Go into .minecraft/saves.
    5) Unzip the Around the Hills folder (already done) and place the unzipped folder into the saves folder.
    6) Play and Enjoy!

    1) Download the Map from one of the links above.
    2) Put the .zip/.rar file on your desktop (or somewhere where you can easily find it again.)
    3) Go into: Finder/Application Support/minecraft/saves.
    4) Unzip the From Around the Hills folder (already done) and place the unzipped folder into the saves folder.
    5) Play and Enjoy!

    1) Download the Map from one of the links above.
    2) Put the .zip/.rar file on your desktop (or somewhere where you can easily find it again.)
    3) Go into your minecraft server directory.
    4) Rename the current world folder with something relevant to that map. e.g if it has a Castle, rename it Castle.
    5) Paste the Around the Hills folder into the minecraft server directory.
    6) Rename the folder to world name, or rename the server name to the folder name.
    7) Run the Server and Play!


    - Version 0.1
    - Version 0.2
    - Version 0.4 Playthrough/Review(Not whole map)
    - Version o.5 Playthrough/Review(Not whole map)
    Screenshot montage

    Long Playthrough, 8 Parts(These videos was made on an eariler version of my map)

    Playthrough, 2 parts(Not the whole map)(These videos was made on an eariler version of my map)

    Screenshots(What you want to see):

    Texture pack used: "Coterie Craft" ,credits to the maker of that.

    The map is both underground and above earth, and up the clouds.

    Version 0.8

    Thanks to everyone who has downloaded my map
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    Bump :/

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    i have played abit of the map, and i must say i am dully impressed, needs some polishing as mentioned, but its a nice challenge to do with friend or alone, thumbs up from me +1
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    Quote from Duranian

    i have played abit of the map, and i must say i am dully impressed, needs some polishing as mentioned, but its a nice challenge to do with friend or alone, thumbs up from me +1

    id give it 8.5/10, cus it was to hard for meh
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    Bump, 7 downloads :ohmy.gif: Please reply guys and say what you think about the map, and if you want me to continue on it or not.

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    I have been playing this map for a while now, it's really hard, but very nice made. I'm down underground now at these timed piston parts, really nice made and very entertaining. Overall, a great Parkour map, lots of content. Keep on working mate, 4/5
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    im download it right now and give it a try
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    "90% chance of ragequitting"I agree
    Good use for pistons and trapdoors but hard as ****
    good map
    you get +1
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    So, are you going to keep on building on the map or are you finished?
    Edit: Oh, nvm. I just played the new version and saw that you have work in progress, i'll be waiting for the next versions to come :smile.gif:
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    Post updated with video, thanks to xPixelAlien for that. I'll soon be releasing version 0.3, including more content.

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    95 downloads so far, please guys, place a review or a comment on the thread, to let me know what you think about the map,
    Thanks in advance, Symphonym

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    Update 0.3 is now done, more content has arrived, please report bugs or any other glitches. Enjoy!

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    I'm thinking of building some down the nether, but i still don't really know what all of you guys think. Feedback, i want to know what you think about the map :smile.gif:

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    Bump, could someone please give some feedback?

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    I'm currently working some on the story of the map, though it will probably take a while until i implement it on the playable map. I need some help from friends with the story aswell.
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    Still no feedback posted on the thread, Bump.

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    Awesome map! Insanely difficult but amazing nonetheless! =D
    I Make Minecraft Videos? SAY WHA-?
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    This is one of the coolest maps I ever played so far!
    Sometimes its really hard but I enjoyed it really much!
    You guys all should try it out!
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    Thanks for the feedback guys! And ThePatEmpire, Thanks for the great video :smile.gif:

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    Loved the map!! im a terrible jumper in Minecraft lol so it took me over one hour!! Legit,
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