[Adv/Puz] QuestWorld - Shipwrecked [An Old Classic - 175.000+ Downloads!]

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    QuestWorld 1 - v1.7
    A Timeless Classic!

    QuestWorld was made during the early stages of Minecraft, no pistons hoppers repeaters or Creative mode. At the time it was kinda new to use redstone and falling sand/gravel to make an interactive environment. Today there are countless options in Minecraft, you can also use some MC Edit magic. But if you want to enjoy a Minecraft map like it was in the early days, you should give this map a try. Maybe it's a classic.

    About QuestWorld 2. Well, let's say QuestWorld 2 Beta does exist. However we never got to finish it. It turned out to be too much work and we lost our interest a little. There is still a change that we will finish it or upload the beta version.

    Main Download: (version 1.7)
    Download .zip
    You're shipwrecked, there is no way you can get home. You have to stay where you are and help people with their problems. By completing quests you get access to new cities, more quests and better rewards. Did you live well? Only then you may go to heaven! (There you will find the ending)

    The map is based on a unique quest system, which uses only redstone wiring. No mods or texture packs are needed. We did not use any world editors or in-game editors during the building process, except for the basic server commands. This map is also made without pistons, but we still created the same effects.

    #1 The only block you can destroy is dirt. :soil:
    #2 You may kill, craft and steal.
    #3 Stay within the boundries marked by snow pillars.
    #4 You may only place & break: torches, redstone torches, signs, cake and paintings. You're not allowed to place: redstone torches in front of doors, water, lava and dirt except if said otherwise. (replacing dirt if stuck is also allowed)
    #5 Play on peaceful (recommended). You may play on easy or normal, but make sure no creepers blow up! :SSSS:

    So in short: You can do what ever you want, you're only limited in placing and destroying blocks/items! If you think something is cheating, then don't do it ;)

    During your jouney you will find diamonds, each diamond counts for 1 point. Please tell us in a post what you score is! :Diamond: (Things made out of diamond don't count, also don't mine diamonds) The total amount of diamonds you can find is about 122!

    This is where you can find them:
    - 15 in Lobster village
    - 19 in Camel Town
    - 29 in Twiggle Town
    - 50 in Valdrey City
    - 9 in heaven
    Total: 122 :Diamond: !

    Older versions:
    - 15 (15) ((11)) in Lobster village
    - 19 (16) ((16)) in Camel Town
    - 28 (28) ((26)) in Twiggle Town
    - 48 (48) ((45)) in Valdrey City
    - 9 (9) ((9)) in heaven
    Total: 119 (116) ((107)) :Diamond: !
    In version 1.5 - (In version 1.4) - ((In version 1.3))


    In version 1.4 we added A BIG SECRET PUZZLE around our map and youtube! It involves a new area, and clues everywhere which you need to solve. It is a secret which, if you complete it, will give you information about the next QuestWorld. Every person that completes the secret first, will get a pre-release version of QuestWorld 2!

    Start the secret by downloading this file: Secret file! (mirror: http://www.mediafire...rhbx77m7cq7sqee)
    Don't spoil it for others, so please let the secret remain a secret ;)


    made by: rsmalec
    "Not convinced to play the map? Watch this!"

    Click here!
    This is us showing you how to do the main quests. The map version is v1.2 so there might be some things different when you play the map.


    Valdrey City

    More screenshots:
    Villages: Lobster village

    Towns: Camel Town and Twiggle Town

    Cities: Valdrey City

    Cathedral in Valdrey City

    Map of the world

    Screenshots are frequently updated/replaced


    - English: Click here! mady by: deadworkersparty "For the best viewer experience!"
    - English: Click here! made by: FreaksFromLeeds "Doing a great job without cheating"

    - English: Click here! made by: MrLeapYearBoy "Doing a great job without cheating"
    - English: Click here! made by: KGhaleon "Great playthough with the mod MoreCreeps an Weirdos"
    - German: Click here! made by: germanminecraftpros "Very good job, if you understand german :) "
    - Swedish: Click here! made by: PixelPiraterna "Doing a great job swedish style, without cheating"

    Youtube: /Link: /Language: /Number of players:
    deadworkersparty Click here! English 3
    FreaksFromLeeds Click here! English 2
    Mrleapyearboy Click here! English 2
    germanminecraftpros Click here! German 2
    PixelPiraterna Click here! Swedish 1
    weirderbros44 Click here! English 2
    FiendishUniverse Click here! English 1
    RexWizKid Click here! English 1
    ChicagoMinecraft Click here! English 1
    TheMrNomnomnomnom Click here! English 3
    GamersDissent Click here! English 2
    IrishLantern19 Click here! English 1
    CraftCasting Click here! English 2
    ScribbleJR Click here! English 2
    ColonnelloFrenesy Click here! Italian 1
    cabalonlinenapzor Click here! Dutch 2
    HajtoTimaSek Click here! Polish 2
    NzbGames Click here! English 2
    TaGAlert Click here! English 2
    DRowez88 Click here! English 2
    Glitch1500 Click here! English 1
    Mrlwarov Click here! Polish 1
    IdentyLv Click here! Latvian 2
    ToastLord73 Click here! English 1
    Bodiechannel Click here! English 1(review)
    BloodBrothersMedia Click here! English 1
    jh71590 Click here! English 2
    drageris099 Click here! Lithuanian 1
    KGhaleon Click here! English 1
    akuvirtanen123 Click here! English 1
    NiTroProCraft Click here! English 3
    o0deathlyangel470o Click here! English 1
    FodiendaEquos Click here! English 2

    Try not to cheat when you play the map like they sometimes do in the LP's, the map is much more fun when you complete the quests the right way!

    Please, if you enjoyed this map or if you want to help the development of QuestWorld 2, support us by donating!

    Main Download: (version 1.7)
    Download .zip

    Mirror (version 1.6):
    Download .zip

    Polish version (version 1.4):
    Special thanks to FioFjo for the translation.

    Portuguese-Brazil (version 1.6) (updated):
    Download �.rar
    Special thanks to Kikonilo for the translation.

    Sorry for the adfly download, just wait a few sec and then press skip ad on the top right.

    How to install:
    Zip file: (For users with Winrar or 7 zip)
    (To play the map please extract the ".zip" file with a program like winrar, then
    place that in your "saves" folder (found in "Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft"))

    Exe file: (For users without Winrar or if you aren't sure)
    (To play the map please dubbelclick the ".exe" file, then place that in
    your "saves" folder (found in "Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft"))

    Do you have questions or ideas? let us know in a post below!

    Known bugs:
    Please report bugs you find, this really helps us
    - The map is in a snow biome in the translated version Portuguese-Brazil.
    - In some occasions a chunck is missing in Twiggle Town (maybe caused by some mod?)

    Made by:
    smenx and ssankoo
    All rights reserved, do not copy any of our creations without our permission. You can make videos of the map, but only if you place a link to this post in the discription. We will not hesitate to take further actions.

    Beta testers:
    overlink, alkeem, BerserkStorm and i3anaan

    Special thanks to:
    FioFjo, Kikonilo, Tekela XII and rsmalec

    Support us:
    Banner: (Made by: Tekela XII)



    Older versions:
    QuestWorld backup46 (Version 1.6) (.zip)
    QuestWorld backup45 (Version 1.5) (.zip)
    QuestWorld backup44 (Version 1.4) (.zip)
    QuestWorld backup44 (version 1.4) (.exe)
    QuestWorld backup42 (Version 1.3) (.zip)
    QuestWorld backup41 (Version 1.2) (.zip)
    QuestWorld backup40 (Version 1.1) (.zip)
    QuestWorld backup39 (Version 1.0) (.zip)
    backup Survival Quest37 - Beta v1.6
    backup Survival Quest36 - Beta v1.5
    backup Survival Quest35 - Beta v1.4
    backup Survival Quest34 - Beta v1.3
    backup Survival Quest33 - Beta v1.2
    backup Survival Quest32 - Beta v1.1
    backup Survival Quest 1 till 31 - Alpha versions

    Update changes:
    - Some more spelling mistakes fixed
    - Double doors in Valdrey City fixed (3x)
    - Respawning fixed, also for SMP
    - Removed unnecessary chunks
    - Converted the map
    - Chest should look normal now
    - Changed the world generator to flat, so the snow biome is gone. (updated)
    - Removed the building materials near the spawnpoint. (updated)
    - Changed a lot of dialogue (better english)
    - Blocked the end of a minecart track so the player can't enter the docking system
    - Placed a chest in the ceiling at the questions
    - Rewritten the rules
    - Removed the pistions from the secret near the pyramid and replaced them with something else
    - Added a secret in the cathedral of Valdrey City
    - Added a secret near the pyramid in Camel Town
    - Replaced all the paintings
    - Spelling error in the rules. creepes -> creepers
    - Spelling errors in the pyramid. daimonds -> diamonds and secets -> secrets
    - Changed the text on the hidden sign in Mr. Jeffersons house. Cheater -> Made by smenx and ssankoo
    - Created a staircase for the temple in heaven
    - You need to start the quest of farmer Bob, in Lobster village, by visiting Bob first, or else you have to visit Pete again.
    - Minecart puzzle in the dwarfmine is completely renovated
    - More diamonds (+9)
    - And a huge secret, start this secret by downloading the secret file from this post!
    - Removed coal from chest in the dwarfmine
    - Replaced boosters for powered rails
    - Placed some pressureplates indoors (because of mobs walking on them)
    - Added something to a secret in Camel Town
    - Removed some useless stuff from chests
    - Placed a hint in the house of lazy eye
    - 2x Spelling error tanks -> thanks
    - Placed some signs reminding that you may not destroy sand/gravel
    - Placed chest with bones in the burial place
    - Replaced a piece of glass in the cathedral
    - Placed stone above the holes in the factory so you can't fall in the glass puzzle
    - Turning only right in the maze doesn't work no more, sorry!
    - Placed a secret in the fountain of the cathedral
    - Placed doors between the puzzles in the factory
    - Ending will work now with v1.6_5 of minecraft
    - Lots of diamonds everywhere!
    - And lot's of other small things which aren't worth mentioning.
    - The doors in the cathedral of Valdrey City now open after opening the storage building
    - Spelling error in rule #2, yoy -> you
    - Hole behind the fun center filled
    - Placed some diamonds by secrets
    - Placed signs with directions
    Last edited by smenx: 8/9/2013 4:39:15 AM
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    Hey guys. I'm ssankoo, the second maker of the map.

    We have finished the map and tested it for ourselves a few times. On this moment beta-testers are bussy testing and retesting the map. As soon as we cleared out all the bugs, we will release the map. This will probably NOT be next week but in the start of the week after that.

    We put lot's of effort into this map, so we hope all you guys can enjoy playing it. We worked on it 01-25 till 04-29 for a few days a week, every day a few hours. Acording to another mod the server ran 644 in-game days. That's about 214,7 real-life hours. Not all of this time was spend on building (sleeping in-game and sometimes the server ran for a few minutes while we were AFK), but it isn't far from it! We did ALL of this together in SMP on a private server that I run. All of this was made in first-person, we didn't use ANY map- or world editors except for the standard multiplayer functions like /give and /tp.

    I'm going to take footage and make the trailer probably tomorrow or just after next week (asap). This of course won't slow down the release process, but is just an extra feature for people to get to know the map. More and better screenshots are coming soon as well.

    Next week both smenx and I are going on vacation abroad, so we can't or almost can't keep contact with you guys, but we will do our best. The best way to communicate is through email. I've made an account especially for this map. Smenx and I both have access to this account. The email is: [email protected]

    If you have any idea on how to improve this map, or just want to say something about it, please do contact us.

    ssankoo & smenx
    Proud owner of an awesome adventure map without pistons:
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    Can't wait.
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    New screenshots added!
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    Please hurry the **** up and complete this map!!!
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    I finished the trailer and it's rendering right now. I'll upload it asap!
    Proud owner of an awesome adventure map without pistons:
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    Guys I'm sorry. It did upload, but youtube didn't include the awesome soundtrack with it. I'll have to fix it after my one-week vacation. Off to Turkey now, bye bye!
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    i cant wait! :GP: :sand: :GP:
    :sand: :GP: :sand: = :tnt:
    :GP: :sand: :GP:
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    We will probably release the map on 11 may, the map need some little changes found during the beta testing. The trailer is also almost finished. If the trailer works we will upload it on 10 may (tomorrow).

    Edit: The trailer works, so we uploaded it today on 9 may
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    Yey! Update:

    - Very few bugs where found during Béta testing and we plan to fix them all on May 11th.
    - The trailer is uploaded with sound and in 1080p, this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5DUra8kbh0
    - After the final bug fixes we will probably directly release the map, so get ready on May 11th!

    Get Ready! This map is more than you'd think :wink.gif:
    Proud owner of an awesome adventure map without pistons:
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    Thats some nice towns you got there :SSSS:
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    New screenshot added from Lobster village, Camel Town and Twiggle Town. (Made from above)
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    Hey guys!

    One of the beta testers here.
    Awesome world, I hope you can wait!
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    I'm really looking forward to playing this map, it looks fantastic.
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    plz pm me the map when its finished :Notch: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :iapprove:
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    Just 24 hours! I can't beleve that this fantastic map is here!
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    The map is done! Download it now!

    What we've done:
    - Final bugs found by beta testers are now fixed.
    - Post lay-out and spelling errors are changed.
    - A scoring system is now added.
    - Private messages have been sent to all commenters regarding the release.
    - More information about installation etc. is included.
    - We made a banner to support us!
    - Tweaked other minor things.

    Thank you for visiting our post!
    Proud owner of an awesome adventure map without pistons:
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    Is there a Main story line, And side quests?
    Gangsta Gangsta
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    I THINK I have finished the map lol. I know Valdrey city is the last city, but how do I know when I have finished it?? Haha if it's an obvious sign or something then I guess I may have missed it. I only managed to get 27 diamonds, I have a feeling I fell short by quite a bit. :sad.gif:

    But anyway yes, the map itself.. is GREAT. No for real, I haven't played a custom map quite like this. I like how the quests go from simple to complicated in a smooth fashion. The towns are all very well done, incredibly impressive redstone circuitry, fun quests and it actually makes me feel like there are people in the towns hahaha. I also love the fact that you can do some quests before the others and either way the story will fit in. It's like a loose story line with many important quests, and you have to make sure to finish those quests before you can move on to the next city, and I like it. It's awesome. :biggrin.gif:

    As of now I really don't know if I need to tell you to change anything. Although Valdrey city is kinda confusing, but I guess that's part of the difficulty of it since it's the last city. Overall, WELL DONE, very WELL DONE, kudos to you guys, I am looking forward to more QuestWorlds, and thank you for giving me a reason to slack off 6 out of my 8 hours of work tonight. :smile.gif:) It actually took me very long to finish it since I was playing it on and off hehe. DIAMONDS FOR YOU SIRSSSS :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    well hes how i ended the game i looked out thruogh the brick light house and saw dimond blacoks. want there and climbed to heaven. the i did the final fall and ended the game.(not going to spiol the surprise!) :iapprove: :iapprove: :iapprove: :iapprove: :iapprove: :iapprove: :iapprove: :iapprove: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :Notch: :iapprove: :iapprove: :iapprove: :iapprove: :iapprove:
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