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    [b]Have you ever been playing Minecraft and said to yourself "Man, I wish this could be harder... I haven't died nearly enough today."? In the spirit of I Wanna Be the Guy and Kaizo Mario World, these game maps will be very difficult. It could be low amounts of a critical resource, or deviously placed monster spawners, traps, or just general meanness on my part, I want to take the normal Minecraft experience and really put pressure on the player.

    The main objective of my maps is to find and complete the Victory Monument. This is a structure with slots on it for blocks. To win a Super Hostile map, you must place each of the requested blocks in the appropriate slot on the Victory Monument. There are 16 colors of wool blocks to find, and also in older maps, the 3 material blocks, of iron, gold, and diamond.

    CTM stands for [b]Complete the Monument[/b], which is the genre my Super Hostile series created. Unlike Adventure maps, which typically have very rigid rules and restrictions, CTM maps are about playing Minecraft in a mostly normal fashion, but with a goal to work towards.

    [b]Super Hostile Standard Rules:[/b]

    1) Find and complete the Victory Monument.
    2) Find wool in chests (Fleecy Boxes) or on special boss enemies (Fleecy Mobs) scattered around the map, do NOT use dyes or spider string for wools!
    3) You may craft the Iron, Gold, and Diamond blocks.
    4) Use at least Easy difficulty, and never Peaceful. (I balance around Normal.)
    5) Do not leave the boundaries of the map and go into normally generated Minecraft terrain.
    6) Survive in any way you can think of. (Yes, you can mine, craft, and place blocks.)
    7) You may use spider string wool and sheep wool to craft beds and other items, but not for the Victory Monument.
    8) You may not pick up, craft, or move Ender Chests.

    For the most part, Super Hostile is like playing Minecraft normally, but it's more difficult and you have a long-term goal to work towards. Also you may find yourself in some unusual terrain. Oh, and the map is designed to kill you, so keep that in mind.

    [b]Minecraft Mods and Super Hostile:[/b]

    I balance around vanilla Minecraft, and mods that impact the gameplay are technically cheating.

    However, there are some mods that are fine for you to use:
    - Mods that let you chop trees at the base (Like Terraria trees)
    - Mods that make Endermen not pick up blocks.
    - Mods that make your hand-held torch give light. (Should be part of the vanilla game, IMHO.)
    - Mods that don't affect the gameplay. (Graphic tweaks, UI tweaks, etc.)

    [b]Super Hostile Original Soundtracks:[/b]
    Some of these maps include theme music by Kevin MacLeod.
    (Play it in the background with your choice of media player, if you want to.)

    So, without further ado, let's get on to the maps!

    Super Hostile 01 Sea of Flame II Respawn: Easy, Open-World

    Super Hostile 03 Infernal Sky II Respawn: Easy, Linear-Branching
    Super Hostile 04 The Kaizo Caverns Respawn: Easy, Linear-Branching[/b][/b]

    [b][b]Super Hostile 06 Canopy Carnage Respawn: Easy, Open-World
    Super Hostile 07 Legendary Respawn: Easy, Linear-Branching
    Super Hostile 08 Nightmare Realm Respawn: Medium, Open-World
    Super Hostile 09 Sunburn Islands Respawn: Easy, Open-World
    Super Hostile 10 Spellbound Caves Respawn: Easy, Linear-Branching[/b]
    [b]Super Hostile 11 Lethamyr Respawn:[/b][b] Hard, Continental[/b]
    [b]Super Hostile 12 Inferno Mines Respawn:[/b][b] Easy, Linear-Branching[/b]

    [b]Super Hostile 14 - Waking Up Respawn: Easy, Linear-Branching[/b]

    [b]Mini Hostile 01 Ragequit Holidays Respawn: Hard[/b]
    [b]Mini Hostile 02 Endless Deep Respawn: Easy

    Super Hostile Race for Wool 01 Hostilities Begin Recommended Players: 4 to 8
    Super Hostile Race for Wool 02 Direct Fire Recommended Players: 4 to 8

    Super Hostile Capture the Wool 01 Fields of Glory Recommended Players: 8 to 12

    Hostile Trails 01 Pigget Panic

    Super Docile 01 Hills of Moo Respawn: Easy, Freeform[/b]
    [b]Super Docile 02 Canopy Basic Respawn: Easy, Freeform[/b]

    [b]Super Hostile 1.7.3 Legacy Pack
    A pack of all SH maps before Beta 1.8+ content.[/b]

    [b]Other Minecraft Maps by Vechs Commissioned CTM maps, and other Minecraft maps by Vechs.[/b]

    [b]Other Works by Vechs Mods, maps, and content for other games.

    Miscellaneous Stuff[/b]

    Super Hostile banners, on my forums? It's more likely than you think. Copy the code provided into your signatures to use them.



    [b]AdFly, Donations, and Download Mirrors[/b]

    If you really enjoy my maps, and want to donate, click the button below. Any donation, no matter the amount, is greatly appreciated. I also greatly appreciate your support in the form of watching the 5 second Adf.ly ads. If, however, you really want to skip them (or need to, for technical reasons) I understand. For your convenience, you can click here to see an index view of all the maps, and you can click here to see the same thing, but without ads.

    If you are having issues with normal download servers (for example, the Singapore problem with FileSwap being censored), you can click here for a Google Docs mirror of my recent maps.


    [b]SUPER HOSTILE #01

    Community Challenge Rating: 2.92
    Current version: 3.0

    Sea of Flame II is a remake of the first map of the series, which was showing its' age, and really needed an update. Sea of Flame II contains all new locations and areas, and will be great fun for new people to the series, and also Super Hostile veterans.

    [b]Click the Spoiler button for pictures:




    [b]SUPER HOSTILE #03

    Community Challenge Rating: 2.48
    Current version: 3.0

    The wind swirls, floating islands in the sky drift into new positions, and a brand new adventure unfolds! This is a remake of the original Infernal Sky map.

    [b]Click the Spoiler button for pictures:



    [b]SUPER HOSTILE #04

    Community Challenge Rating: 3.58
    Current version: 3.0

    This map is a network of linked underground caverns. The map takes place entirely underground, and the whole thing is wrapped in a giant cube of bedrock (no escape!) This was the first map of the series where I introduced the Victory Monument goal system. To me, it has a very "Super Metroid" or "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night" feel to it.

    [b]Click the Spoiler button for pictures:



    [b]SUPER HOSTILE #05[/b]

    I didn't like how Black Desert II was functioning so I've scrapped it. I might remake this using colored clay and make it a badlands-themed map.


    [b]SUPER HOSTILE #06

    Community Challenge Rating: Votes pending.

    Current version: 1.2H
    Download [color=#800000](This map is old, and is scheduled for a complete remake, "Canopy Carnage II". [/color][color=#800000]Not just an update, but a completely new map, but with the same style and theme. [/color][color=#800000]You might want to play another map instead of this one.)[/color]

    A savage super-jungle, full of all manner of exotic trees, some of which are titanic in scale. Falling out of a tree has never been so terrifying...

    [b]Click the Spoiler button for pictures:



    [b]SUPER HOSTILE #07

    Community Challenge Rating: 3.92

    Current version: 3.1

    This map features a variety of environments, so the name "Legendary" refers to the size and scale. This is a lengthy CTM map that will provide a long term challenge for even veteran players.

    [b]Click the Spoiler button for pictures:



    [b]SUPER HOSTILE #08

    Community Challenge Rating: 4.16

    Current version: 3.0

    Note: This map is not compatible with SMP.

    A dark, brutal world of nothing but despair. Voted for and requested by the community, this map starts out brutal and stays that way. Unlike Legendary, in which the difficulty gradually increased the farther you got into the map, Nightmare Realm is the real deal from the very second you load into the map.

    What will be your high score? (You'll never actually complete the monument...)

    The map reminds me a little of the old NES Megaman games. Your spawning area is a central hub, from which you can access the other areas of the map, which surround it. There are many paths and routes you could take from the start, and don't be afraid to unzip fresh copies of the map to try a new starting strategy.

    [b]Click the Spoiler button for pictures:



    [b]SUPER HOSTILE #09

    Community Challenge Rating: 2.2
    Current version: 3.1

    Oh man, things have been rough for awhile. Are you tired of dying every 5 seconds? Do feel like you need a vacation? Do you need your hot heart chilled with a cool island song? Oh no wait, I mean... cool heart warmed with a hot island song? Or was it... Bah, whatever.

    Sunburn Islands is a relaxing (For a SH map, anyway) challenge suitable for weary veterans and fragile newbies to the Super Hostile series.

    [b]Click the Spoiler button for pictures:



    [b]SUPER HOSTILE #10

    Community Challenge Rating: Votes pending.

    Current version: 3.0

    This is the first Super Hostile map made from the ground up supporting enchanting and brewing, and the first map created after the armor changes in Minecraft 1.0. Expect wonderful loot, enchanted items, potions, and plenty of monsters to put your awesome items to use against!

    [b]Click the Spoiler button for pictures:



    [b]SUPER HOSTILE #11

    Community Challenge Rating: Votes pending.

    Current version: 3.0
    Download Variant A
    Download Variant B
    Download Variant C
    Download Variant D
    Download Variant E (Easy mode, Hardcore disabled)

    This is the first Super Hostile map to use a Continental style. This type of map focuses on travelling and exploration, across a large continent with expansive, realistic-scale biomes.

    This map features shuffling, of chests, spawners, and the Victory Monument. Each letter variant (a, b, c, and d) is the same, but the loot chests and spawners have been randomized. The Victory Monument is also in a different location in each variant. Now, if you are watching a LP of one variant, you can play another and have a different experience.

    [b]Click the Spoiler button for pictures:[/b]



    [b]SUPER HOSTILE #12[/b]
    [b]INFERNO MINES[/b]

    Current version: 3.1

    Explore the vast mining operation left behind by a team of miners and explorers. Deep underground, a huge network of caves, tunnels, and massive chasms contains treasure, adventure, and extreme dangers. Defeat all-new enemies made possible with the Minecraft 1.5 update, and venture even deeper into areas no human has tread for thousands of years.

    [b]Click the Spoiler button for pictures:[/b]


    [b]SUPER HOSTILE #14[/b]
    [b]WAKING UP[/b]

    Community Challenge Rating: Votes pending.

    Current version: 3.6.5

    Based on a short story of the same name by Andrea J. Buchanan, this CTM map is a wicked and challenging experience, which has been officially adopted as part of the Super Hostile series. Fans of Kaizo Caverns and Spellbound Caves will really enjoy this map. But, fair warning, it's very difficult.

    [b]Click the Spoiler button for pictures:[/b]


    [b]MINI HOSTILE #01

    Current version: 1.0

    Christmas 2011 special. I hate you, and you will die raging in a fire.


    [b]MINI HOSTILE #02

    Current version: This map is currently under construction

    This map is currently under construction. Endless Deep used to occupy the #2 slot of Super Hostile, however I want to give that spot to my upcomming Fallen Kingdom map. Instead, Endless Deep will have the #2 spot on my Mini Hostile series, and be a shorter map taking place in an underwater fortress.



    Current version: 1.1

    My first multiplayer Super Hostile map. Two teams race against each other to complete a miniature Victory Monument! They play on mirror-image lanes, and can shoot at each other, and also trigger traps that will go off on the enemy teams lane! Please be sure to read the included README file for full details and rules.

    [b]Click the Spoiler button for pictures:

    Pictures coming soon.



    Current version: 1.1

    My second multiplayer Super Hostile map. Two teams race against each other to complete a miniature Victory Monument! This map is more heavily focused on direct combat than the first RFW map, and has many TNT cannons and bow and arrow supplies to blast the other team. Please be sure to read the included README file for full details and rules.

    [b]Click the Spoiler button for pictures:

    Pictures coming soon.



    Current version: 1.1

    My first "Capture the Wool" map. Two teams share one large lane, starting on either side. Teams try to retrieve their wool colors from the enemy territory, while the enemy team does the same. Expect frantic, direct, PVP action!

    [b]Click the Spoiler button for pictures:

    Pictures coming soon.



    Current version: 1.1

    My first map in the HOSTILE TRAILS series. This is an experimental new type of gameplay. Think of a mix between Oregon Trail, Lemmings, and Railway Sim.

    [b]Click the Spoiler button for pictures:



    [b]SUPER DOCILE #01

    Current version: 1.0

    My first map in the SUPER DOCILE series. This is a freeform survival map, with "Suggestions" instead of "Rules". It's all about having fun in the way you want to.

    [b]Click the Spoiler button for pictures:



    [b]SUPER DOCILE #02

    Current version: 3.1

    This is the basic terrain that will be used in Canopy Carnage II. The jungle floor in the original Canopy Carnage was flat, and made up of dirt and a bunch of small vegetation.

    The jungle floor in Canopy Carnage II is going to be.... well... this map! I think it's really nice looking, so I figured some of you may enjoy it as a basic survival map before I make it into a crazy hostile super jungle.

    [b]Click the Spoiler button for pictures:




    For Minecraft Beta 1.7.3


    The Beta 1.8 update introduced hunger, and the patches dramatically changed Minecraft from how it had been since Beta 1.0 through Beta 1.7. New creatures, blocks, and totally new gameplay mechanics, and more.

    This is a collection of all my maps that were balanced around Minecraft Beta 1.7.3.



    [b]Gift! (and the hard-mode GiftWarped)[/b]

    For Andrea J. Buchanan. Based on the novel Gift. Gift! is a relaxing CTM map suitable for all Minecraft players. The hard version, GiftWarped, is suitable for veteran CTM players. Check out the maps here, and the novel here! They're both great. :)


    [b]Other Works by Vechs[/b]

    [b]Vexed Native mod for Mount and Blade: Warband[/b]
    Current version: 1.1
    [b][color=#0000ff]Download Here[/b]

    Vechs' personal mod for Mount and Blade: Warband. This mod is aimed at making the game a bit less grindy, and tweaking some aspects of the game that were frustrating. The most popular changes include making Tavern keepers function as Ransom Brokers, so you don't have run around looking for a Ransom Broker, increasing the ammunition count for throwing weapons so that they are more useful, changing the faction colors to look nicer, and be easier to read, letting your army continue to fight if you get knocked out, being able to start a conversation with Village Elders and Guild Masters directly from the map, instead of having to run around in a city/village and physically finding them, and making cattle follow you instead of you having to "chase" them to guide them. Click Spoilers for a full list of what this mod changes.

    Vexed Native

    for Mountain Blade: Warband

    by Vechs

    Special thanks to TweakMB!

    Features / Changes:

    Cattle behavior - Cattle follow you (instead of you having to "push" cattle by moving behind them)

    Faction colors - Slightly tweaked faction colors; bandits, deserters, manhunters, and the players faction now use previously unused colors -- should be easier to tell them appart now.

    Food - Troops eat food every 12 hours instead of every 14; 10 troops are fed by 1 unit of food instead of 3. Should now be easy to calculate exactly how long your food will last.

    Merchants - Merchants will have more money available for trading

    Tavern Mercenaries - You can now hire larger batches of mercenary troops

    Troop wages - Slightly reduced wage multiplier applied to cavalry (140%, down from 166%), greatly reduced multiplier applied to mercenary troops (110% down from 150%). Mecenary Cavalry units should now actually be somewhat affordable to use. (The wage penalties stacked...)

    Books - Roughly doubled the speed at which you read books.

    Stat loss - Disabled stat loss for very long games (Who wants a character that grows old and feeble?) You will still recieve a stat loss message, but you don't actually lose anything.

    Right to Rule - Slighty increased how quickly you gain right to rule; Doubled the RtR you gain from having another monarch recognize you as a king

    Tournaments - Increased amount of money you can bet on tournaments. Winning a tournament now gives more renown, town relation, and experience.

    Ammunition - Increased maximum ammunition -- Typical arrow and bolt bags hold 60 shots; Throwing weapon ammo also increased, from 50 to 20, depending on the size, weight and power of the throwing weapon. (Example : you can carry more throwing knives than you can throwing spears)

    Battles - If you are knocked out in a battle, you now have the option to "spectate" as your troops keep fighting (Well, okay, it's more like lying on the ground in a stupor). You can press TAB to end the battle immediatly, or wait to see if your troops win.

    Battle reinforcements - Troops for the attacker and defender will arrive sooner (Arrival at 10/12 troops remaining, up from 6/8)

    Fief Income - Increases fief income -- you should be able to have a decent garrison and still make some profit

    Tax Inefficiency - Increased the numbers of settlements you can own before the tax inefficiency kicks in (10 with poor ai, 8 with average ai, 6 with good ai); Lowered the maximum possible penatly (25%
    penalty, down from 65% penalty)

    Enterprises - Slightly increased profits margins by lowering labor costs (20 to 100 denar per week, depending on business), Slightly expanded tolerance of business construction (-2 relation, from 0)

    Honor - Increased honor gained by refusing rewards (Thanks, but I'm just doing my job! *rides off into sunset*)

    Party size - Increased base party size (30, up from 10); Leadership grants more party size per point (10, up from 5); Reduced renown required to increased party size (10 per slot, down from 25 per slot); Lords now also will be able to field larger armies, so don't get too cocky!

    Bandits - Bandit parties are much more chaotic (Increased party size range, they can anything from tiny groups of a few men, up to giant raiding parties of up to 250 men. Don't worry, 250 looters are quite slow. :D )

    Manhunters - Increased minimum party size for manhunters. Now maybe they won't get totally crushed as often...)

    Companions - Companions no longer will leave your party if they become unhappy. They will still complain, but they will never leave. Now you can assemble the party you always wanted!

    Morale - Removed morale penalty for having heroes in your party. (Was 1 per hero, now is 0. It made no sense at all, especially considering some heroes like Kharin, Jeremus, or Nizar would do various things to lift the spirits of an army-- camp management, wound treatment, and inspiring stories, for example.)

    Captured nobles - Lowered chances of them escaping from your captivity (In party, in garrison, and in garrison with prison tower.); Factions will be a bit quicker in offering ransoms for their captured lords.

    Prisoners - Each point of PM lets you have 10 prisoners (Up from 5.); You can attempt to recruit prisoners more often (Every 6 hours, down from 24); Recruiting prisoners no longer has a negative effect on morale (The factions declare peace and make war every other week for no reason at all (they do it for the lulz) so the common soldiers probably don't care what banner they fly, as long as they get their paychecks on time...); Recruiting prisoners is much easier for characters with higher persuasion skills (100% chance at Persuasion 6)

    Ransom Brokers - Tavern keepers are now ransom brokers, in addition to their normal trade. (Favorite change, ever. I HATED running around for a week and not being able to find a broker anywhere.)

    Village Elders / Guild Masters - Added an option from the settlement interface to speak directly with these people (You don't have to manually walk around the settlement and find them first.)

    Politics - All the other lords won't get so butthurt when you assign a fief to a lord (Max Relation penalty set to -1, up from -5). Max Relation bonus set to 5, up from 2.; Increased relations rewards for town and village quests (includes buying everyone a round of drinks.); Declining quests will not result in lost reputation. (Always thought it was annoying that you could lose rep just for asking what the quest was...)

    Engineering / Improvements - Improvements build faster; high engineering skill will give you noticable better discounts / build times; Schools give more relation every month (2, up from 1); Watch towers see slighty farther and they increase the time it takes for your village to be looted (300% normal loot time, up from 150%); Settlements do not lose as much prospererity for being involved in combat.

    Troop Recruitment - Increased the amount of troops you can recruit from villages. Having higher relations with a village will now noticably improve both the amount AND quality of recruits you can obtain.

    [b]Super Hostile Poll Result:[/b]

    SH Milestones:
    April 1st 2011 - 5,083 downloads
    April 5th 2011 - 6,725 downloads
    April 13th 2011 - 17,946 downloads
    May 13th 2011 - 33,238 downloads
    June 13th 2011 - 104,301 downloads
    July 13th 2011 - 284,302 downloads
    August 13th 2011 - 438,938 downloads
    September 13th 2011 - 580,087 downloads
    October 13th, 2011 - 693,926 downloads
    November 13th, 2011 - 811,293 downloads
    December 13th, 2011 - 903,170 downloads
    January 13th, 2012 - 1,077,023 downloads
    February 13th, 2012 - 1,292,249 downloads
    March 1st, 2012 - 1,385,250 downloads

    And lastly, here is a bunch of legal stuff. The short version is: feel free to make videos about my maps, watching people play helps me make better maps; please don't rip-off my work and claim it as your own; and please don't upload my work to other websites.

    Users are free (and encouraged) to create videos of the MAPS and share the videos online, using websites such as YouTube. Users are also free to include advertisements and monetize their videos of my maps. Watching people play my maps is by far the best way for me to learn how to make better maps. If you have made video's or LP's (Let's Play series) of my maps, then thank you very much!


    MAP (MAPS, plural) - Data that interfaces with the Minecraft client to extend, add, change or remove game content.
    MOJANG - Mojang AB
    OWNER - , Original author(s) of the MAP. Under the copyright terms accepted when purchasing Minecraft (http://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp) the OWNER has full rights over their MAP despite use of MOJANG code.
    USER - End user of the map, person installing the map.


    Use of these MAPS to be installed, manually or automatically, is given to the USER without restriction.

    These MAPS may only be distributed where uploaded, mirrored, or otherwise linked to by the OWNER solely. All mirrors of these MAPS must have advance written permission from the OWNER. ANY attempts to make money off of these MAPS (selling, selling modified versions, adfly, sharecash, etc.) are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and the OWNER may claim damages or take other action to rectify the situation.

    These MAPS are provided freely and may be decompiled and modified for private use, either with a decompiler or a bytecode editor. Public distribution of modified versions of these MAPS require advance written permission of the OWNER and may be subject to certain terms.

    "Super Hostile", "Victory Monument", "Super Docile", "Hostile Trails", the "Vechs'" brand and "Race for Wool" are Trademarked ™(2011) by the author. The MAPS herein and the character "Vechs" are Copyright ?(2011) and are the intellectual property of the author (Vechs).
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    Super Hostile Videos and LPs

    Videos related to: Hazardous Environment Training

    Training Videos:


    (I'm experimenting with video recording software and editing. Here's my first video, which is a useful companion to the training map.)

    By Thadiwyn and friends, 3 guys who are in for a rough time, if their performance on the training course is any indication:

    Videos related to: Sea of Flame II

    By Hypnotizd:

    ZombieCleo, a conqueror of Legendary, is playing through Sea of Flame II:


    By ReallyLowAmmo (somebody get this guy an ammo reload!):

    By Detfig, who plays the map accompanied by the official soundtrack - pretty awesome:

    By Addersea,

    By AcidicGelatin, AcidJelly and Pedwar try their best not to fall in lava and die:

    By Robojeb and Jul0t, who punch trees even when they have an axe:

    By, MrScarecrow:

    By zach797a, with ACFilms:

    By Ironfruit, who plays co-op with his sister Bethness, who is very flammable:

    By TheDarkLinkMaster:

    By TheSOfficial:

    By TheGamingTactics:

    By Chimera18041:

    Videos related to: Endless Deep

    By Millbee, a great overall series:

    Videos related to: Infernal Sky II

    By ZombieCleo, conqueror of Legendary, and full-time ankle-nipping tunnel rat (who is quite indomitable):

    By JoeHills, konqueror of Legendary, and wanter of nice things, even if he cannot have them (Although maybe he can have a few nice things on Infernal Sky II, as it is an Easy map):

    By Shainaz (aka Phorxy) and Chiaroko (she doesn't feel safe anywhere :sad.gif: ):

    By Detfig, who plays the map with the official soundtrack in the background:

    Videos related to: Kaizo Caverns

    And here is Episode 01 ("Lonely Lava Cavern") of Zisteaus awesome LP of the map! He is playing version 1.1H of the map.


    Click the Spoiler button to reveal the full list of episodes:

    Episode 02: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7MPYhEM5Jo("Black Wool")
    Episode 03: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHiLq6wQyVE("Glowstone")
    Episode 04: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1Lrdk-0Yok("Starlight Cavern")
    Episode 05: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhlZ_wKI36c("Tree and Sapling")
    Episode 06: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueyuQBf_xrQ("Orange Wool")
    Episode 07: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JorhQ0nVOu0("Legacy of Contempt")
    Episode 08: http://youtu.be/IvbzmELaFr4 ("Gravel, So Much Gravel") or ("Hubris")
    Episode 09: http://youtu.be/aDY6W9IjCYc ("Light Blue Wool")
    Episode 10: http://youtu.be/jY10wBTIn6U ("Intersection Two")
    Episode 11: http://youtu.be/7BSPusAO-DQ ("Purple Wool")
    Episode 12: http://youtu.be/1bda_97bvW0 ("Cavern of Sky")
    Episode 13: http://youtu.be/ZfFTb4drouQ ("Desperation")
    Episode 14: http://youtu.be/jXUgPI02d6Y ("Iron Ore")
    Episode 15: http://youtu.be/NSyEIM4jivM ("Coal")
    Episode 16: http://youtu.be/3V2vUXdoQTE ("Light Gray Wool")
    Episode 17: http://youtu.be/oEoZhtf__NY ("Buckets")
    Episode 18: http://youtu.be/eVSLQ4_CzAU ("Illumination")
    Episode 19: http://youtu.be/EdD7RKQwbF0 ("Lava")
    Episode 20: http://youtu.be/aoXStn2Toy0 ("Side Entrance")
    Episode 21: http://youtu.be/6SIGwiCSZmU ("Cyan Wool")
    Episode 22: http://youtu.be/TpqNyPqU_Rc ("Hallway")
    Episode 23: http://youtu.be/673MW_2LCkk ("Intersection Three")
    Episode 24: http://youtu.be/zpPP0AlbyW4 ("The Twisting Dark")
    Episode 25: http://youtu.be/AamAIUCjCDw ("Gone Fishin")
    Episode 26: http://youtu.be/yKSdVXsEnuM ("Pink Wool")
    Episode 27: http://youtu.be/YTQfWuu5Vv0 ("Shortcut")
    Episode 28: http://youtu.be/XQKYL2ReVVk ("Lime Wool")
    Episode 29: http://youtu.be/xT6DLoHAAPE ("Ilvern Ruins")
    Episode 30: http://youtu.be/1Arpdvkp_tA ("Gray Wool")
    Episode 31: http://youtu.be/R_TqLCuHE0A ("Blue Wool")
    Episode 32: http://youtu.be/aKCAn-YbVRw ("Ilvern Mines")
    Episode 33: http://youtu.be/CFjAgaPhHIU ("Gold Block")
    Episode 34: http://youtu.be/IjLQxoUJjLM ("Spine Forest")
    Episode 35: http://youtu.be/O_sUJfzbuAA ("Brown Wool")
    Episode 36: http://youtu.be/PeZvXkj6ksE ("Relocation")
    Episode 37: http://youtu.be/GNWUyfo2FsQ ("Home")
    Episode 38: http://youtu.be/P9UyOoV6k-w ("Rail Road")
    Episode 39: http://youtu.be/nZxeFitJXmk ("Grave of the Dragon")
    Episode 40: http://youtu.be/kft7yIwz21c ("Green Wool")
    Episode 41: http://youtu.be/WhwTDhC04Vc ("The Planar Warp")
    Episode 42: http://youtu.be/XBZ-tTNrmc8 ("Two Steps Forward")
    Episode 43: http://youtu.be/82TP8AqMz50 ("White Wool")
    Episode 44: http://youtu.be/gOyD4REjh3s ("Rollercoaster")
    Episode 45: http://youtu.be/9takG619p4c ("The Kill Rooms")
    Episode 46: http://youtu.be/50tAn8P0Ob0 ("Ssssstatues")
    Episode 47: http://youtu.be/Pm6U-JPLDj8 ("Diamond Block")
    Episode 48: http://youtu.be/vFONZy1IQDw ("The Citadel of Demons")
    Episode 49: http://youtu.be/Pcz12AnSIBc ("Red Wool")
    Episode 50: http://youtu.be/2h2NmsJZukk ("Mastery")

    By Hypnotized:

    Videos related to: Black Desert

    By DreamersNova, good commentary, music, and edited episodes, definitely worth a look (The first episode isn't the best, but it picks up quick):

    By PauseUnpause, a plucky Canadian with a penchant for creative profanity:

    By Snicker4763:

    By Neceros, who is in for some serious pain:

    By Hespio:

    By BrainChildization:

    Videos related to: Canopy Carnage

    By Neceros, a refugee from Black Desert, who decided to take a tropical vacation in the jungle-- I wonder how that works out for him? :smile.gif:


    By Eddiember:

    Videos related to: Legendary

    Joe Hills! Everything is horrible and he can't have nice things - an entertaining and amusing LP:


    ZombieCleo. An affable little tunnel rat who perseveres in the face of hardship and doesn't give up:


    By FlamingMage, who proceeds carefully and tries very hard not to die:

    And here is episode one of Zisteau's LP of the series -- there are some spoilers of Kaizo, and obviously Legendary, so keep that in mind.


    By BdoubleO100 and GuudeBoulderfist, two guys who are very worried that they might get "sucked off" (Yeah, yeah I know, just watch and find out):

    By HuskyMudkipz:

    By the1h3r0 and JerBearStare, they seem to be off to a good start:

    By Seven:

    By nate23k:

    By TheLazyTryHard, who doesn't know what map he is playing:

    By Slipshot24:

    By Maxitron1, an LP in German:

    Videos related to: Nightmare Realm

    Videos related to: Sunburn Islands

    PauseUnpause, a stressed out Canadian who plays Sunburn Island to relax after the horrors of Black Desert:


    By AyeAyeLtd, two guys chilling in Mini-soda, who freely challenge Simon and Lewis to a throw-down:

    By Rendakor, who might possibly need his own personal GPS:

    By Stewplaysgames, who makes up for his use of TimberMod by playing on Hard:

    By MukGames:

    By Mr. Infernow:

    By LonghornDude08:

    Videos related to: Cheating on my maps (aka "The Hall of Shame")

    By UberHaxorNova, his friend breaks the rules and disqualifies them:
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    Quote from Vechs »
    Quote from Ludolik »
    Awesome , but can you zip this ?
    I can't use a "Z fichier". D:

    I'm stupid. :sad.gif:

    Try this, it's free and it beats the built-in Windows zip functionality


    Who to use the Z fichier ? :x
    Edit : Oh , i found. Thanks.
    For Awesome Picture from Minecraft !
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    could you make a video on how you make these maps? cause i suck at Mcedit, and would really like to see you do stuff like that, sorta like a speed paint video :tongue.gif:
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    Could I love you in a manly way?

    .png" />
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    Quote from Daniel_Rogers »
    HOLY ****!

    I like that reaction. :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from SpaceInvaders »
    Have you ever heard of "WIN"?
    This is it.


    Quote from saladin1980 »
    these are EPIC... and well this would be sweet with 2 players:) LOL LOL ohh the joys of tring to work together:)

    Even two players would still find the dungeon labyrinth beneath the Sea of Flame a challenge, go for it! :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from User »
    Could I love you in a manly way?


    Ummm... next comment!

    Quote from Moonster »
    could you make a video on how you make these maps? cause i suck at Mcedit, and would really like to see you do stuff like that, sorta like a speed paint video :tongue.gif:

    Oh... umm... maybe? Eventually? I know people have asked me to make a guide for how I make my schematics too. I've never actually made a tutorial video before... I'd have to think about how to go about it. :smile.gif:
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    I can vouch for the evil nature of these maps from first hand experience. There is some nasty stuff just under the surface that I've found in Sea of Flame.
  • #8
    I found a epic secret in the floating island. :Pig:
    For Awesome Picture from Minecraft !
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    Quote from Ludolik »
    I found a epic secret in the floating island. :Pig:

    Damn! That was fast... Congrats! :biggrin.gif:
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    I both love and hate your creations, so much fun.

    By the word of Notch, may Hell lay a curse on thou miner, upon which many creepers shall befall. Ghasts will terrorize thee and destroy thou's hard work.
    -Chris The Mushroom
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    Thats Amazing!!!!! :Sheep:
    I'll try them as you always make great maps of what Ive seen.
    I'd like to do this as SMP as usual (I love SMP)

    Edit: Little did I know how popular Vechs would become.
    Also, I had no idea about how cool Zisteau was back one year ago :l

    Self-plug (It will make more sense when I do Vechs maps on youtube:
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    "so i herd u liek 3nd3rdr4g0nz"
    --Legalized SMP sniping machine--
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    I think Sea of Fire... It's a bit easy to get all the grass/dirt/mushrooms and stuff. In my opinion.

    But rabbit holes 1 and 2 are a pain in the ack, if you get my meaning.
    [Diamond] [Diamond]
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    Fire, water, air... now all you need is an entirely underground map (EARTH!) with bedrock ceiling at build limit, regular bedrock floor and bedrock walls (large enough of course to be plenty fun). Sort of like the nether, but without the nether fog, blocks & lava.

    The 4 basic western elements! :biggrin.gif:
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    Also, my favorite wuote from Sea of Flame:

    "Sometimes you just luck out and get free stuff."
    [Diamond] [Diamond]
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    i freaking love all three of them they are beast i like the eye of the tiger reference in the sky one :biggrin.gif: :SSSS:
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    I got trolled mining iron on the sky one...
    No more trees or planted saplings so I had to quit and Im trying lava soon
    Dangit Vechs
    "so i herd u liek 3nd3rdr4g0nz"
    --Legalized SMP sniping machine--
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    Great maps! :ohmy.gif: Keep up the good work.
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    Quote from tchic777 »
    I got trolled mining iron on the sky one...
    No more trees or planted saplings so I had to quit and Im trying lava soon
    Dangit Vechs

    There is a second tree in The Infernal Sky, so you have a second source of saplings...

    But you'll have to do some searching for it. I'm sure pigs will fly before you find it! :biggrin.gif:
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    Quote from malanius »
    I both love and hate your creations, so much fun.

    See it's funny, because I pour a lot of love and hate into making these maps. :smile.gif:

    Quote from tchic777 »
    Thats Amazing!!!!! :Sheep:
    I'll try them as you always make great maps of what Ive seen.
    I'd like to do this as SMP as usual (I love SMP)

    Thanks! Good luck. :smile.gif:

    Quote from MaceInTheFace »
    I think Sea of Fire... It's a bit easy to get all the grass/dirt/mushrooms and stuff. In my opinion.

    But rabbit holes 1 and 2 are a pain in the ack, if you get my meaning.

    My very first iteration of The Sea of Flame was mercilessly difficult, so I tried to scale back just a bit - there is a fine line between an enjoyably difficult challenge and masochistic frustration. But if you get cocky, you can always go... down. >:smile.gif:

    Quote from romar »
    Fire, water, air... now all you need is an entirely underground map (EARTH!) with bedrock ceiling at build limit, regular bedrock floor and bedrock walls (large enough of course to be plenty fun). Sort of like the nether, but without the nether fog, blocks & lava.

    The 4 basic western elements! :biggrin.gif:

    Working on an earth / cave map right now! :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from MaceInTheFace »
    Also, my favorite wuote from Sea of Flame:

    "Sometimes you just luck out and get free stuff."

    I try to not be in ****-mode 100% of the time. :smile.gif:

    Quote from mrgillski »
    i freaking love all three of them they are beast i like the eye of the tiger reference in the sky one :biggrin.gif: :SSSS:

    Climbing up that hill feels like crossing a finish line, and as I play-tested it that song kept popping into my head.

    Quote from tchic777 »
    I got trolled mining iron on the sky one...
    No more trees or planted saplings so I had to quit and Im trying lava soon
    Dangit Vechs

    Problem, tchic?

    Quote from Bharg »
    Great maps! :ohmy.gif: Keep up the good work.

    Thanks! :biggrin.gif:
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    Episode Two of Sea of Flame:

    If you've seen my videos you know I edit out any downtime or boring stuff...this video I think I edited out a total of 20 seconds total. I am on edge at all times while playing this map. Really a ton of fun.
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