[Adv] EscapeCraft 3 - An Adventure Game for Minecraft

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    "You plummet through icy water, until you hit a smooth metallic surface. You gasp for air, and as your eyes adjust you see a long corridor. Beneath your fingers you feel the familiar fabric of a test-subject's jumpsuit, and know the number on yours reads '1090.'

    Its time to get out of here."

    Escrapecraft 3 is the third installment of the Escapecraft series. This version features dozens of rooms, 2 endings, a custom texture pack and even more devious puzzles from everyone's favorite villain - Herobrine.

    Those familiar with my previous games (click here for the first, and here for the second) will know the drill. There is a short tutorial room to explain the rules and demonstrate new mechanics (there are several).

    (Wait five seconds and click SKIP AD)


    Thanks to you all's support, EC1, 2 and 3 have been downloaded more than 1,500,000 times!
    Be sure to check out Escapecraft Dual and help build Heroblock City!

    Using the included texture pack is STRONGLY recommended!!! Several puzzles are designed with it in mind, and certain secret areas are only accessible to those with the pack!

    For those who prefer a HD texture pack for the EscapeCraft experience, one of our fans graciously put one together. Links and instructions may be found here, and video of the pack may be found here. (Note: this texture pack is not supported by the EC3 staff).

    SPECIAL THANKS TO: MrScaryMuffin (who made the game with me), Fish (the texture pack guy), TheWiz, SWEETNESS_IB, yowto, berky93, TurtleeyMC, Mooseeeeey, User, Wookie4747, XxJT713xX, Sealystar, Drsaz, Nate V, and all the others who helped test!

    Some users have reported very low framerates while playing on laptops or PCs with certain configurations. This is due to the use of certain types of circuits for some of the puzzles. This issue should be resolved with the latest version, but please leave a comment if you still experience lag.

    - Download the file. Unzip it (but NOT the 2 .zip files in it)
    - Open Minecraft. Click the "Mods and Textures" button.
    - Click "Open the Mods and Textures Folder"
    - Drop the "EC3 Textures" .zip file in the folder that opens. DO NOT UNZIP IT!
    - Go "up" one folder (to the .minecraft folder). Then head to the "saves" folder.
    - Drop the Escapecraft v. # .zip in the folder that opens and unzip it.
    - Finally, in Minecraft select the EC3 Texture Pack under Mods and Textures.
    - Open EscapeCraft3 and enjoy!

    Q: The texture pack is causing Minecraft to crash!! Help!
    A: This is usually because you are using MCPatcher, HD Texture Pack or a similar utility. You can either use the HD texture pack (here) or delete your .bin file - which will cause Minecraft to download a new one.

    Q: This map has a LOT of lag!!! Help!!!
    A: This is a problem on many lower-end computer and most laptops. Please use the low framerate version.

    Q: I'm back in the mirror room (but on the top of the mirror) where do I go now?
    A: Head back to the "failing sand" room. You can use your new item to unlock a new area!

    Q: I'm back in the Door room - where do I go now?
    A: Head back to the "lava pillar" room. You can use your new item to unlock a new area!


    Visit MrScaryMuffin's youtube channel for walkthroughs, developer's commentary and other things)

    Version History
    v.1 - Internal Release
    v.2 - Public Release
    v.3 - Minor tweaks. First donors added to the Hall of Fame.
    v.4 - Typo edits, couple new signs, minor cosmetic changes. More donors added!
    v.5 - Added a food locker in spawn, added two donors to hall of fame, added checkpoint system, moved ladders in fishing cart room, lowered the water level in the fish dodge room, added signs above the mirror room, removed two clock circuits in door platformer, changed Gravel to sand in the lava hub, adjusted the signs in the arrow room, surrounded the hell hole under the 3D maze to discourage players from going there when they get to the rooftops, added peaceful indicators just before the Reactor, added a block in the observation room to prevent water from washing out the wrong redstone torch, added arrow pointing to spawn for SMP players
    v1.6 - Modified spawn area, changed clock circuits to utilize repeaters, changed all rails to powered rails, added missing ladders, updated texture pack, modified ending sequence, and more!
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    Looks interesting! I will try it out! :biggrin.gif:
    But if this is an adventure map, it's best suited to go in the mapping and modding forum, just so you know.

    Edit: Also, pretty clever having people go through paypal to get to the download.
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    WOOO Finnaly :DDD I will pay this now :biggrin.gif:
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    Homestuck music in the trailer, +1

    Can't wait to try this out!
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    awesome trailer. can't wait to play, downloading now !
    /give HoneyDew 46 (1)
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    Beatiful !!!. Escapecraft is always cool. Cool puzzles and a lot, i say a lot, of fun. :iapprove:
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    playing because of homestuck music
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    Quote from Darxbloop »
    Homestuck music in the trailer, +1

    Can't wait to try this out!

    Big shout out to Radiation for being awesome and letting me use his music. I've had this trailer in mind pretty much all throughout development and I'm so happy that the trailer turned out so well.
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    Very sneaky with the paypal. Very sneaky indeed! :tongue.gif:

    Quote from bdiddy »
    better go dig yourself some dirt, buddy. It's gonna be a long weekend
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    This is so exiting! I hope it is connected with the ending of the last one
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    Quote from Figglewatts »
    Very sneaky with the paypal. Very sneaky indeed! :tongue.gif:

    Not sure how sneaky I was since I mention it twice in the post =)

    Does sneaky mean you'll donate?

    *promises to press and hold shift forever*
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    putting your texture pack in my texturepack folder crashes my minecraft =(
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    So excited! Downloading now.
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    Very much so looking forward to playing this! :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

    But I need to finish building my dungeon and then finish playing escapecraft2. Gaah! im falling so far behind!
    Anything is possible in MineCraft!
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    Quote from thathippoguy »
    putting your texture pack in my texturepack folder crashes my minecraft =(

    Hey, make sure you are putting the correct texture zip file into the folder. When you first unzip the Escapecraft 3.zip file, you'll get two more zip files. One is the texture pack, which goes (as a zip file) into your texture folder and the other goes to your save.

    Let me know exactly what's going on and the steps that you took to get you there and I'll see if I can help you out.
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    I still have not downloaded the map or the texture pack, but Ill do a donation of 5$ first. I know that your games are epic, and of course to let you pay the bill for the downloading.

    Edit: Done.
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    :biggrin.gif: i'am stuck already on the on the pillar room with sand
    /give HoneyDew 46 (1)
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    Hate to say it guys, kinda caught a bug with the map already...

    Although you say it clearly at the start you will probably die, when i did, i had no way to re-enter the puzzle, cuz there was nothing to sacrifice to the trash.

    Hope it gets fixed soon for others' sakes! :smile.gif:
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    Oh i forgot to mention it in my last post, but overall, i am really enjoying this map, wish i could get back in without starting over though
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