Help, if possible, for adding mods to 1.4.6

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    Hello anyone who is willing to help. Don't necessarily know if this is where to post, or if I'm even allowed to post about this, but here goes..

    My nephew wants me to add mods to his Minecraft 1.4.6, windows 7. I've successfully been able to install Too Many Items and THX Helicopter only. I used Minecraft Forge 1.4.6. Had originally used Modloader, but soon found out that they aren't compatible with each other? Or Forge had it's own modloader in it?

    Some of what he wants includes:
    More Wolves
    Mo' Creatures
    Minecraft Comes Alive
    Tale of Kingdoms

    For the most part, I understand the process of dragging the contents of the mod jar into the minecraft jar. I guess my main problems have been finding valid links for current (1.4.6) mods as well as finding out whether or not the mods are compatible with each other as well as with Forge. For instance, Mo' Creatures really gave me problems, since you have to find updated versions of GUI API and CustomMobSpawner I think. Thought I had that one figured out, but it didn't take when I started Minecraft. Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated, prefferably if some links could be provided (as some of the sites are down/unnavailable) as well as some small details. And I'm sure a lot of the problem has to do with the fact that some of the mods he wants don't yet have 1.4.6 releases yet. I know this is a lot to ask, but even if someone could help me with just a few, especially Mo' Creatures, Minecraft Comes Alive, my nephew would get off my back lol. Thanks and happy new year, and I once again apologize if it isn't proper etiquette to ask for all this.
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