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    Quote from jackcalz

    This is a nice server! Keep up the good work.

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    Cool server!
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    I love this server.
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    What are the outages about? Mod app coming shortly.

    Jackcalz the Epithetless.
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    JackCalz's Position Application:

    Position: Either one, whichever you (Presumably tomato) think is suitable.
    Skype: You have it already.
    Something about myself(Tooting your own horn): Well, I'm 13 years old, I am currently in 10th Grade, and I play computer games quite frequently. I love puns, even if they are bad(Stinky, Horrible, Punriffic, you get the idea.) But pretty much, I'm just your average joe. Or jack.
    What Seperates me from the Rest: Well, I've had experiences modding before and know many commands. My minecraft knowledge is pretty extensive, excepting any redstone besides the basics and potion recipes. I am a willing learner as well. I do have a good sense of justice, so any punishments I dole out will be fair and rational. (I hate this:
    Newbie Player1> "I hate this server!"
    Player1 left the game
    Moderator pooploser99> BAN!)
    Pictures: I didn't remember to take pictures/screenshots, but I haven't done many big projects anyway. Guess this is a good place to start, judging by the dragons.

    Anything else you need, just contact me soon.

    Yours Inconsequentially,

    JackCalz, the epithetless.
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    Quote from jackcalz

    What are the outages about? Mod app coming shortly.

    Jackcalz the Epithetless.

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    IGN: GhostGunnerKing
    Position: moderator/Builder

    Something about yourself: I have played on your servers since the old XYST. I love to build and design things. I am going to school for architecture.

    What separates you from the rest: I have experience in designing and building. I also have been playing on your servers for a while so you know me. I am a strict miner and builder. I have had experience with in being a mod.
    Thanks for looking and you can contact me anytime. Here are some pictures.

    My skins are always made by ME!
    Message me about my
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    My application:
    IGN: Rubuscus
    Postition: Builder
    Skype: none
    Something about me: I'm 14, and have had minecraft for almost a year. I have played on the server for a week, and am really enjoying it. No lag and good community. I love building, and really want to contribute to the server.
    What separates you from the rest: I am easy to get a long with, and am reasonable. I have cycled through a lot of servers and looked at videos, and I have quite a few ideas on building faction bases and such. I will not exploit creative mode, i.e spawning diamond tools and xp potions.
    Pics: I didn't really know what to put here, so i have put a few shots of my current survival house. (I don't stick to one world for very long),g9v3P#0
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    LOVE the server It is great no lag :D Keep it up :D
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