The Crafting Box Public [1.2.4/1.2.5][Custom Plugins][24/6][Survival][Anti-Grief][White-List][Multi-World]

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    Check us out, Join now! or
    Up-time: 24/6 (Off on Tuesdays)

    (Pictures Coming Soon)

    --->Additional Info
    Survival Gamemode
    Custom Plugins
    Website, Forums, And Wiki


    Register For Server Here:

    ------ :Bench: Common Commands :Bench: ------
    /spawn - go to spawn
    /helpop - request help from owners and moderators
    /mail - check your mail
    /home - go to your home
    /sethome - set your home
    /help - list of commands
    /whois - see who's online to see a full list of commands you could do two things:
    1. type /help in the server
    2. Go to the wiki for our server (unfinished): http://thecraftingbo...afting_Box_Wiki


    ------ :bookshelf: Our goal and policy! :bookshelf: ------
    We strive to have a zero griefing tolerance policy.
    A trusted community of mature and friendly players.
    A friendly helpful staff that are on around the clock.


    ------ :SSSS: AntiGrief/Hack :SSSS: ------
    HawkEye our eye is in the sky.
    McBans, yep we know you have alts.
    WorldGuard, oh yea, we stop those explosions and fire
    NoCheat, stops them griefers in their tracks
    AutoClear, we can't have item and boat spam can we?


    ----------- :Frame: Rules :Frame: ----------
    - Respect the staff, they do a damn fine job
    - Be smart and mature, if it's stupid or immature do not do it
    - Use common sense!
    - No racism/hate crimes/homophobia/sexism
    - No griefing, includes placing and removing blocks
    - No building sexual/offensive stuff

    - Do not make 1 block high/wide bridges or towers (Destroying the terrain) - this is considered griefing - Finish your structures. Any structures that have been in the map for a month or more and are not finished are to be demolished

    - Any un-appealing structures will be removed, Example: Giant Dicks


    -------- :Diamond: Donations :Diamond: ------

    NOTE: These are not ranks, they are simply perks for donating, if you would like to learn more about ranks then go here:

    Donate to our server to keep it running.

    We have a bill to pay and we need your help

    Click the button above: Don't forget to include your in-game-name so that we can give you the perks that you get when donating!

    Donator perks:

    $10 - get a special prefix right before your name, in game

    $20 - get a special prefix right before your name, in game and worldguard commands

    $30 or more - get a special prefix right before your name, in game worldguard commands, and ability to change gammodes.

    Remember, these are donations. Anything you receive from them are gifts! We are not selling these perks.

    Do not contact us in PM, e-mail us at [email protected]





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    None yet

    Other than donating you could also support us by doing some of the following things:
    NOTE: ALL of the things are free.

    1. Subscribe to us on YouTube:
    2. Like our Facebook page: http://www.facebook....275819102457191
    4. Check out our website:
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