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    Connection Info
    IP: mc.cypenetwork.com
    Website: CypeNetwork
    Forum: CypeNetwork Forum
    TeamSpeak 3: ts.cypenetwork.com

    CypeWorld RELEASED!

    We're currently looking for staff. If you're interested, post an app at http://www.cypenetwork.com/forum


    Ender-Dragon Event

    Woah! The Dragons!
    Slumber Party!

    -Proud Dev. of DruneVerse Online, Coastal Online, Division
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    - Added Cyll Drops from Certain Mobs.
    - Wolves should no longer disappear.
    - Fixed a few lag issues here and there.
    - Updated a few plugins for better performance.
    - Plants now grow without needing the chunk to be loaded (A player to be near the farm area).
    - Added cooldown's to /home, /spawn, /goto, /sethome, and /back.

    Come join us now (-:

    -Proud Dev. of DruneVerse Online, Coastal Online, Division
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    Server is looking very good, a lot of players are currently online and having fun.

    Currently coding some updates :biggrin.gif:
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    Finished Coding.

    -Removed Death Messages

    -Proud Dev. of DruneVerse Online, Coastal Online, Division
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    Just threw in a quick Hot Fix:

    [Fix] Not getting claim blocks when you are logged in.
    [Fix] When joining for your first time, immune to PVP
    [Change] When you die, you are no longer immune to PVP until you get your items

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    Maybe adding a creative world for donators only, stay tuned for more information!
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    We currently plan to Migrate hosts read the quote for more information:

    Hey Cypers,

    It has come to my attention that the CypeCRAFT server isn't powerful enough to handle the amount of players we try to allow online. As of today, I have planned a host migration between March 18 and March 24. Further details will be given at that time.

    If the server becomes increasingly popular before the migration time, we will migrate then. After the migration, our server will be increased to 32 slots, instead of 30 slots. We will also be downgrading Mumble to 15 Slots, and our website will also be moved to a dedicated hosting service.

    This will maximize performance at CypeNetwork, offering the best for all you Cypers out there!

    We're very excited to expand our community, and we're very thankful to our loyal members for stickin' around.

    Thanks all together,
    Administrator, Qwahchees

    Also wanted to post a few changes:

    [Change] We have moved our website to a web host now.
    [Fix] Fixed a few SRS Bugs
    [Change] Added a bigger border in the nether.

    Head Moderator, Laredef
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    We are currently updating the server for 1.2 now that it is out. For now, the server is still in 1.1 so do not update your client if you want to play on CypeCraft. Once we get the server ready for 1.2 we will inform you on the website and I will post it here also.

    Here is a post from Qwahchees:

    Hey Cypers,

    I'm here to inform everybody about Minecraft 1.2. As of now, I'm trying to update all our plugins and get to Minecraft 1.2 as fast as I can, but with issues here and there, there will be delays.

    Please keep your clients at 1.1 to continue to play at CypeCRAFT.

    Thank you,
    Administrator, Qwahchees

    Head Moderator, Laredef
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    We just updated to 1.2.

    Few changes have been made:
    -Fixed Old Claims
    -Re-converted nether and mine worlds to the Anvil format

    -Plant Failure after Growth
    -Plant Growth without the Chunk being loaded
    -NPC's to the 1.2 World

    We hope to see everyone soon!

    -Proud Dev. of DruneVerse Online, Coastal Online, Division
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    We're considering adding Factions soon, anyone to comment?

    -Proud Dev. of DruneVerse Online, Coastal Online, Division
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    Updated CypeCRAFT to v1.21 -- Factions are now added!

    -Proud Dev. of DruneVerse Online, Coastal Online, Division
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    Now you can rank up by typing /rankup! Gather your Cyll and become the best!
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    Hey hey hey ;) Loving the server, Very fun. Really friendly people too :D
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    Awesome server, i'd recommend it to anyone! :Notch:
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    Yea, I agree on that Visited.
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    Who do you think will win the Spring Break PVP event? Phlem is in the lead but not by much! Come on the server and be the top PVPer and get the toughie sword!
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    Ha, I think Criminalbmc can pull himself back up ;]

    -Proud Dev. of DruneVerse Online, Coastal Online, Division
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    I don't know about that, Phlem is giving everyone a lot of trouble but who knows. Maybe a new player can get their act together and win it?
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    Lets hope so. It would be great to watch!
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    Aha, you guys are funny.
    If I could win, I'd smush you all! (-:

    -Proud Dev. of DruneVerse Online, Coastal Online, Division
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