The Wonderful Life of Cuuldude

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    A story I made up, dedicated to Cuuldude. All made up on the spot, in IRC.

    [16:08]	AYF	"One day, there was a wonder young individual. He loved frolicking in the meadows behind his house, sniffing the golden chrysanthemums, conversing with the various wildlife residing within the burrows of the soil. He sand duets with songbirds, foraging for seeds with the field mice."
    [16:08]	AYF	"And he was a dude, and quite cool. We will call him 'Cuuldude."
    [16:09]	AYF	"Now one day, Cuuldude happened to be walking along the banks of a river, enjoying the cool misty breeze blowing from over the river."
    [16:09]	AYF	"But out of no where, a wild Pidgey appeared."
    [16:10]	AYF	"Before he could react, the Pidgey advanced, basically clawing the living crap out of him. It left him spread-eagle, on the ground."
    [16:10]	AYF	"The end."
    [16:10]	AYF	The next book of the series: "Cuuldude was sprawled on the forest floor, his life slowly ebbing away."
    [16:11]	AYF	"When a cute young rabbit came sniffling out of the bushes. Seeing Cuuldude, it scampered back into the shrubs."
    [16:12]	AYF	"It came back after a moment, with a mouse. The mouse had an abnormally long sword."
    [16:12]	AYF	"It scampered up to the dying Cuuldude, and said, "Greetings. My name is Martin the Warrior. I am here to help." "
    [16:13]	AYF	"Cuuldude weakly looked to the side, straight at the mouse. "Are you... mom?" He whispered, his voice faltering."
    [16:13]	AYF	"The mouse shook his head. "No, but I will bring someone who can heal you. His name is Desperaux."
    [16:14]	AYF	"Cuuldude nodded. "Alright. I'll be waiting. But please, hurry." "
    [16:14]	AYF	"While the other wildlife left, Cuuldude laid back, staring at the forest canopy. Wondering how this sudden turn of events happened."
    [16:15]	AYF	"But as he was contemplating on how he could survive, a boy, came out of the woods, curiously staring at him. He had a hatchet at his belt."
    [16:15]	AYF	"Cuuldude, curious, spoke up. "Hello... there. My name is... Cuuldude. What's your name?" he whispered. The boy replied, "My name is Brian. "
    [16:16]	AYF	""I became stranded here, escaping a sinking bushplane. The pilot died.""
    [16:16]	AYF	""And I managed to survive, making use of my trusty hatchet here." he finished."
    [16:17]	AYF	"As Cuuldude was about to respond, the mouse returned, with a smaller mouse, with gigantic ears and a needle-looking sword."
    [16:17]	AYF	"Cuuldude looked down at the little mice. "Why hello there. Would you please help me?" he muttered.
    [16:19]	AYF	"The mouse looked Cuuldude up and down, frowning. "Hmm... the wounds seem severe. I cannot do anything. However, I do know some beings who can help." he replied. Cuuldude raised his eyebrows. "Who may they be?" he asked. "The rats of NIMH."
    [16:20]	AYF	""The rats of NIMH? Are they your friends? Could you hurry and help me? I'm dying." he sighed, wanting help. The little mouse nodded. "I'll be right back with them," he said. Turning around, he scampered off into the shrubs, the leaves rustling as he left the scene."
    [16:21]	AYF	"After a few minutes of silence, and enjoying the distant chirps of blue jays, a deep rumble jolted him out of his daydream."
    [16:21]	AYF	"Cuuldude looked up, blood starting to pool underneath him."
    [16:23]	AYF	"A large, silver truck roared out into the clearing, pushing trees out of the way. Awed, Cuuldude momentarily forgot about his pain."
    "The truck pulled to a stop next to Cuuldude, and a stream of rats in tuxedo filed out of the passenger seat."
    [16:24]	AYF	""Wh-what are you?" Cuuldude whispered. The rats did not respond, and proceeded to pull a large device out of the back of the truck."
    [16:25]	AYF	"While Cuuldude continued to watch, they pointed the device at him. It started making shirring noises, and odd lights started flashing."
    [16:26]	AYF	"Then all of a sudden, a eerie green light flashed, and a stream of green light streaked towards Cuuldude. It absorbed into his body."
    [16:26]	AYF	"Cuuldude felt an odd tingling sensation within his body, spreading from his stomach."
    [16:27]	AYF	"From the stomach, it spread towards his limbs, and then to his head. With his very own eyes, Cuuldude watched the wounds he sustained seal up, closing up to thin lines."
    [16:27]	AYF	"The blood disappeared, and the strength returned to Cuuldude's limbs."
    "Cuuldude, amazed, slowly stood up. "I-I cannot thank you enough for saving my life. I have not much to give, but I am forever debted to you mice." he said."
    [16:29]	AYF	"The rats immediately whipped back around, pulling their shades off. "WE ARE NOT MICE. WE. ARE. RATS!" they roared.
    [16:31]	AYF	"Cuuldude, afraid for his life, turned around, about to run out of the woods. However, a large, muscular body blocked his path."
    [16:32]	AYF	"The man, grimacing, looked down at Cuuldude. "We. Are. SPARRTTTAAAA!!!" He roared, and a whole legion of Spartans he had previously missed roared as well, thumping their chests.
    [16:33]	AYF	""We will fight the rats with you. AND WIN!!!" he growled, scowling at the rats. The rats were going to have none of it however. They simply pulled out a couple of guns, flipping on the laser sights. The tri-dot laser points targeted the lead man."
    [16:34]	AYF	"The rats cackled evilly, and pulled activated the weapon. A series of ionic bursts sped towards the man, causing him to vaporize instantly."
    [16:34]	AYF	"Everyone stood still. Cuuldude even leaked a tear. "I didn't want anyone to die on my behalf," he whispered."
    [16:35]	AYF	"He was interrupted by a whinny from the skies above. A blue Pegasus, with a rainbow colored mane, came galloping down, towards Cuuldude."
    [16:36]	AYF	""Quick! Before they attack! Get on my back. I'll save you!" it exclaimed. Without a second thought, Cuuldude leaped onto the back of the pegasus, and spurred it on."
    [16:37]	AYF	"But before the blue pegasus left the ground, it was tackled by a pink pony."
    [16:37]	AYF	"The pink pony grinned, excited. "There, I caught you. Now I can make my cupcakes!" it exclaimed. The blue pegasus cried out in terror."
    [16:38]	AYF	"The pink pony pulled out a set of menacing blades, twirling them deftly in her hooves. The blue pegasus shed a tear, understanding it's life was now over."
    [16:39]	AYF	"Then out of the blue, a fox came out, a spiteful look on it's face."
    [16:39]	AYF	"It let out a small burp, and everyone died."
    [16:39]	AYF	"The end."
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    My head hurts after reading all of it.
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    Quote from Sam305

    My head hurts after reading all of it.

    My reaction was pretty much the same, after I read it.

    But well done! *Pats AYF on the head*

    Art by
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