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What you want

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    Mod Edit: Next time, please only put one suggestion per topic.

    What do you want?, What are somethings you would love to see in Minecraft.
    I would love to see a type of glider to get awesome Ariel views while jumping off mountains
    But what about you?
    What are some things you want to see, More :SSSS: Killers?, :iapprove: Bobble head?, Different types of
    :||||: :////: :....: :,,,,: ?, More :Diamond:, Less :SSSS: :smile.gif:, Fire [>>-i>] ?.

    Please leave your thoughts would love to know where the Minecraft community is at with
    updates and things to see in the future.

    -Mod Snip- Tried to advertise his youtube channel in an unrelated post/topic.
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    Hello, and welcome to the forums. Please use search and post this wishlist in the wishlist section, where it will get less flamed, or on a different forum.
    EDIT: Oops, I reported it to moving, but this is clearly a spam post, advertising your YT channel.
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