Building the WTC (Updated 20/12 ,Two WFC Towers complete)

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    look out for creeper terrorrists xD
    awesome work!
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    Notch did say he might add flying creepers...
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    And my fists dont punch trees down or break rocks....

    Ok so let's make wood be the strongest material, make pigs fly, and make cows produce lava instead of milk.

    That would actually be pretty sweet.
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    if you're done, try Burj Dubai :iapprove:

    it's only 2 times higer :SSSS:

    WOOOW!!! Now THAT'S a building! (Anyone else dislike "Skyscraper"?)
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    hi everyone. sorry about the delay, my minecraft save messed up and kept on crashing so I had to transfer the towers to another save and make the hole again :\

    But anyways, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.

    Update 9.

    Next up: Final tweaks and additions to WTC Interior, then make the WTC Plaza. Then, WTC3 and 7. I'll upload the save tomorrow after finishing the tweaks and maybe a preliminary plaza :smile.gif:
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    I was silently following this project since update 3, and I must say I like the results =) I'll get back to silently following further updates now
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    Thanks for the replies everyone :smile.gif:

    Update 10: I've started on the WTC Plaza. It is going to be iron based because it looks most like Marble.

    Here's my hand at making 'The Sphere' that was the landmark of the WTC plaza and the fountain :Pig:

    The Windows on the World and the elevator.

    From The Top of the World on WTC2

    Thanks for the encouraging feedback everyone :smile.gif:
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    The sphere looks pretty good considering Minecraft's limitations (the blocks are way too big!)
    Are you going to add benches and stuff too? Maybe a small memorial to what happened that day?
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    That looks really awesome, good work! :smile.gif:
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    Amazing, No other word, just amazing.
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    Thanks everyone :smile.gif:. My computer's causing problems so no update today, but the WTC Plaza has been made better and I wont be able to upload the save today. Sorry!
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    All you need now are two passenger jets.
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    Quote from kantk2010 »

    Next up: Final tweaks and additions to WTC Interior, then make the WTC Plaza. Then, WTC3 and 7. I'll upload the save tomorrow after finishing the tweaks and maybe a preliminary plaza :smile.gif:

    you know the next logical step is to re-create Manhattan now... DO IT
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    Quick,it has to be finished before Notch adds flying mounts!
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    haha...I have no plans to make the rest of manhattan yet, but who knows :tongue.gif:. Maybe next year :Pig:

    Anyways, sorry for the delay in updates. I've been busy with school and my computer's been going through mood swings. Here's update 11 now. I've made the plaza nicer and have added the stone foundations for what will be WTC3!

    I will upload the save at the end of tomorrow. Since tomorrow's a weekend I'll finish WTC3 too probably by that time :smile.gif:
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    You still working on this?
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    Hi everyone,
    I'm sorry about the delay. Yes, I'm still working on this but I had an intense amount of work to do in the last week and I was unable to do any work on this project during that time. The good news is that WTC3 is done :smile.gif:. The bad news is that it's not that great and there will definitely be a better version in the near future. The better news is that I've now uploaded the save so that everyone can see and use it!

    UPDATE 12

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    I just downloaded it. And All I can say is.


    Just amazing.

    I really did forget how huge the Twin Towers were. This has brought back some great memories and has made me remember how huge and majestic they were. Thanks for that.

    They are very accurate and I love it! Here's my breakup (mind you this is from only 5-ish minutes of looking around)

    -The plaza. It's great and I love 'the sphere'. Great job done on that :smile.gif:.
    -Great lobby, but is there a way to get to the 2nd floor of the concourse? (Ladders, perhaps?)
    -The water elevators! Great job! It works extremely well!
    -Windows on the world looks great as does the observation deck :smile.gif:

    A few things to improve on:
    -The plaza, maybe could use some chairs and trees?
    -The WTC3 is good but as you said it can be improved. Great start though!
    -Night lighting? Maybe look at making some floors with torches on the side to look a bit nicer at night?

    Anyway, who am I to complain...they are amazing and easily the best rendition of the Twin Towers on minecraft right now. Maybe in the next updates refine it and start on WTCs 5,6, and 7? And then the whole of manhatten? :Pig:
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    Thank you for your kind words :smile.gif:

    And yes, I'm planning to improve on the plaza and WTC3 over the next few updates. The night lighting will be improved too but that might take some time :\.

    As for WTCs 4,5 and 6. WTC7 is going to be first. Then WTCs 4,5,6. I was never planning to do those but the project is going along at an amazing pace. i might even do the Mall too!

    And no full Manhattan. Sorry :sad.gif:
    I'm building Manhattan (Phase 1 complete)Check it out!
  • #139 replies after that, weird.

    I just woke up and checked on it for a while, and it looks really good. Just a bump so others can see it.

    As you can see I check on this thread every day :smile.gif:
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    Maybe add the World Financial Center and the Winter Garden? (It was worth a mention).
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