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It's getting cold outside (or has been cold for months, depending on where you live), and that means WINTER HOLIDAYS! There are a lot of things associated with this time of year - snow, gifts, certain foods and drink - but the one thing that keeps getting better and better every year is the music.

Case in point, check out this awesome Minecraft Carol, by Pedro6285! This video marks the first in a long line of holiday-themed videos, maps, and mods coming your way this month. Enjoy! Back to Top

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This week's Minecraft Monday show covers Beta testing, the week of parodies, and so much more. Enjoy! Back to Top

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Today's spotlight comes from Carnage_TC, in the form of a wicked roller coaster! 3 months of building, stop-motion effects, and built in Creative mode - all on Minecraft: 360 Edition. Check it out! Back to Top

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Music block songs are not a new creation, but it's still a rare treat to see an amazingly well-composed song, using nothing but Minecraft assets. With clever edits, a catchy beat, and some fun visuals, sneakyMac brings us a video that will have you humming the tune for hours. Enjoy! Back to Top

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Twitch.tv integration is seeing a lot of interest from players, but also a fair bit of confusion about how to use it. How does one set up their Twitch account? How do you merge it with your Minecraft account? WHAT DO ALL THESE FRIGGIN SETTINGS MEAN?!

Bebopvox tackles all these questions (and more) in this helpful tutorial video, explaining how to get your livestream up and running from Minecraft in no time. Enjoy! Back to Top

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BlameTheController recently showed me a really neat custom map I think you guys will enjoy! What is it? A crazy custom map where you join the infamous Mindcrackers, as they take you on a whirlwind adventure filled with unique builds, customized content, and a glimpse into Mojang's history! Pretty sweet!

The map was built by BlameTC's build team, "Broken Buttons", and features...well, a lot more than I can describe here. Check out the trailer above, then head on down to the links to grab this awesome map!


Mindcrack Map: Click here

Want to join "Broken Buttons", and build maps with BlameTC? Click here Back to Top

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Do you love the Metroid series of games? I know I do. Metroid has a long history spanning numerous platforms, and has everything a person could want - outer space, bounty hunting, aliens, and bounty-hunting aliens in outer space.

DrTizzle apparently felt the same way, because he has compiled an incredibly diverse resource pack, using the Metroid theme! Textures, sound effects, music, art, customized HUDs, monsters, and so much more! Hunt Ender Ridley! Get help from Chozo villagers (or don't)! Enjoy the music!

Posted Image

Custom Metroid HUDs! :D

If you want to check out this awesome resource pack for yourself, click here! Bear in mind that the pack is currently up to 1.6.2, so some 1.7 resources might not be modified. Enjoy!


If you are interested in the upcoming "Titanfall" game, be sure to check out the official Titanfall wiki! Back to Top

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Check out this innovative re-imagining of Pachelbel's "Canon in D" by TheFroGamer, using only Minecraft sounds! It starts out a little bit slow, but the wait is more than worth it, as it quickly picks up in complexity and cleverness. Enjoy! Back to Top

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Check out this awesome parody of MKTO's "Thank You", put together by MrMEOLA. Enjoy! Back to Top

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Despite waking up in a strange land, Steve has proven time and again to be a resourceful person. Still, it has been a long time since he woke up in the Minecraft universe, and like most places, the passage of time has brought advances in modern living.

In this specific case, TheWaffleGalaxy gives us a look at what it might be like to have a grocery store in Minecraft, complete with local employees. Or in this case, one particularly difficult employee. Enjoy!


Don't forget, there is a giveaway going on for a free copy of Scribblenauts, and a free Nintendo 3DS! Want in on it? Click here to enter! Back to Top

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