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Today's spotlight focuses on a Minecraft-based version of Bejeweled, made by Sethbling! Played entirely in your inventory, the only thing this particular version of the game is missing is a scoreboard. It is still every bit as addicting as the original, and a good bit of fun! You can get download links right here. Enjoy! Back to Top

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The (Minecraft) world has ended, and there is nothing left. Well, ALMOST nothing; Code Wizards meddled in the balance of nature, and released hordes of monsters from other dimensions on an unsuspecting world. Not satisfied with just destroying human life, the monsters rampaged across the world eating everything they could find, and leaving nothing in their wake but empty void.

Now, it is up to you to rebuild an entire world from nearly nothing.

Agrarian Skies is a popular modpack made by Jadedcat, which takes the classic idea of a skyblock game, and cranks it up many, many notches. You start with a quest book, which guides you on your journey. Numerous spells, tools, and machines are at your disposal to complete your arduous task. However, be warned: this is not a modpack for the faint of heart! Loads of challenges, monsters, and more await you on your journey. Do you have what it takes to build an entire world?

One final note - you have a limited number of lives. That's right, you can only die so much before reality has had enough, and leaves you dead forever!

The quest book's introductory quest has a full voice-over as well, done by your favorite MCF news writer!


If you have the FTB Launcher, you can play simply by downloading the Agrarian Skies modpack, and starting up your game! Back to Top

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Have you played (or seen) Goat Simulator? Of course you have! You're a savvy internet dweller, and know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Goats. Smashing things. Running. Basically, being a goat and/or possibly a highly elaborate April Fool's prank. Goat Simulator!

SethBling has devised an incredibly clever way for you to become a goat, in Minecraft! Okay, less of a goat, more of a sheep, but the end-result is basically the same - run into things at high speed, sending blocks, chests, and everything else sailing off into the distance! Cause chaos! Grief as a farm animal! Weee!

In this video, Mhykol and I help Seth test out this latest crazy invention. Want to play it yourself? Join on "us.playmindcrack.com", then head to the museum! Back to Top

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CavemanFilms has a hilarious series - Pixelmon Lapis - on his channel, which uses the Pixelmon mod to tell their story! Laughs and battles abound, check it out!


Have you heard about Wildstar yet? Eager to try it out for yourself? We're giving away beta keys right now! Check out our Wildstar beta key giveaway, click here! Back to Top

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Ever wanted to learn how to make Minecraft mods? There are nearly limitless ways to change Minecraft to your exact preferences, and no one knows this better than modders! What if you could change the game however you liked? Now is the time to learn how!

Wuppy29 and freezzerrr will be hosting a livestream event this Friday, which aims to teach viewers the ins and outs of making Minecraft mods! This event will be going on for a very limited time, so be sure to check it out while you can.


The stream will be Friday, March 28th, starting at 3pm GMT +1 (10am EST, 7am PST). Alternately, you can check this website for details on your timezone!


The event will be hosted right here, be sure to follow if you want to be updated the second it goes live! If you cannot make the event for whatever reason, wuppy plans to post the stream (and highlights) to his modding tutorial channel, which has a host of useful info for aspiring modders! Back to Top

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Have you ever been playing with your friends, and thought to yourself, "Man, my life would be so much better if I just had their sword?" For those of you with aspirations of grand theft, this plugin is right up your alley!

Sethbling brings us a plugin for bukkit servers that lets you attempt to steal your friends' (or enemies') loot, right out of their inventory! Aside from the obvious trolling applications, this could also be the basis for a really clever game of keep-away, a server with spies, and so much more. Check it out!

You can download this plugin right here.


Are you a MOBA fan? Want to check out Strife for yourself? We're giving away free beta keys - get yours here! Back to Top

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Shooting blocks - normally a pastime reserved for those with a bow and arrows - now comes in an arcade game form, courtesy of MrZeffoes! So, what is the game?

First, a large field of blocks is populated on the game board. Then randomly colored blocks are generated for you to shoot at the block field - navigate the block you want to fire left or right, then shoot it up at the block field. Make contact with a like-colored block, and they disappear, forever destroyed! Points are awarded for the number of blocks destroyed in a single shot, and add up over time. Think you can get a high score?

This map features over twenty-five thousand command blocks. I don't even.

NOTE: This map currently requires 14w08a (or higher) to play correctly!


Block Shooter: Download Back to Top

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It has been a quiet week, so let's have a quiet moment of reflection. You know what else is reflective? Water. Elen Esski shared this picture of a gigantic tower, using water as the primary building material. Neat!

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ClarkKentDDS brings us the one and only Hall of Justice, originally seen in the Hanna-Barbera-created cartoon series, Super Friends, a show about...well, super heroes. There was a lot of punching. Anyway: Hall of Justice!

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Finally, because I'm such a sci-fi fanboy, here's a 1:1 scale reproduction of Voyager, from...well, the show of the same name, made by euml! It seems he hasn't updated this build in awhile, but it is still a remarkable model. Back to Top

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Making huge, complex builds has been a staple of Minecraft forever. I don't know about you, but for me, one of the hardest parts of a large build has always been planning - knowing exactly where you're going to build, how large it will be, and where everything will go. For people like us, there is now a really sweet mod, called "Schematica", created by Lunatrius!

With this mod, you are able to display a ghost image of a schematic file inside Minecraft to rebuild a structure, or export any part of your world (or a server's world) into a schematic file. You're able to export parts of your world, too! Gone are the days of random builds, using MS Paint to plan, or spending hours on a build, only to discover you were ONE BLOCK OFF.


Take note: this mod requires Forge, as well as another mod made by Lunatrius, which serves as a hub for all of his mods.

Back to Top

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One of the coolest things about Minecraft is how diverse it is as a game, and just how much you can do with it. Servers in particular have created numerous game modes for players to enjoy, from prisons to PvP games, many of which require nothing more than joining and playing, without any downloads. Today, we take a look at something a little different from the norm - outer space.

Specifically, StarQuest, which allows you to build and fly your very own spaceship between worlds, collect resources, and even battle other players in their ships! Among other things, StarQuest features:

  • Spaceships Custom designed and built by you, the player
  • Ranks Work your way up through our two-tracked rank structure and unlock new and more powerful classes of starship
  • Planets Explore and colonize 8 incredible custom-generated planet-worlds
  • Space Combat Use our spaceship cannons to have space battles
  • Grief/Raid Attack and raid other peoples' spaceships Bases can be protected with worldguard, and towns can be protected with Towny
  • Advanced Machinery Use new and incredible technology to automate things in your base Minecraft in the 21st century
  • No Client Mods Required You can connect with a completely standard 1.7.2 minecraft client. All of the modification is done on the server side, so that you don't have to
  • Planet-Specific Resources No one planet will have everything you need. Trade with players on other planets or visit other planets yourself to get items you want.
  • Economy Gather materials and sell them to the merchantmen at spawn to make money to rank up
  • Factions and Towns- Group together with your friends to make an awesome Colony, or get some pirates together to make a Faction. Ally several colonies together to make a nation and try to dominate the world
  • Custom Plugins- I coded over 20 custom plugins to make this system work Unique to our server

Also, they have a working, real-time star map, that shows you, other players, planets, asteroids, and whatever else might be in space!

I've not found many sci-fi or space-themed servers in my travels, and this one not only qualifies, but is also weirdly addictive!


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